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Given the annodization on the black iPhone is ... well, black; it would appear that scratches and scrapes on the black iPhone would more readily show up, compared to the silver finish on the White iPhone. With this pretty basic bit of knowledge, I think I need to go with the White iPhone, so it looks "new" longer.
Good move on HP's part.  This is the correct step - because this is where things are going to go.  Use your cell phone as your computer - use some protocol to drive a monitor, keyboard/mouse; LTE to get to the net, and then some sort of cloud based storage.
Just one question ... how do you intend to source that 4K?    Internet won't be ready for the forseeable future.  No media - I question whether this will even be accepted by the public in any meanful manner.  I recall how 3D was presented, and it failed to impress. Blu-Ray isn't selling as hoped, either.    When HDTV's came out, they were in the $10K range - the 4K sets are coming in at $20K - so in maybe 5-10 years, the prices will be in the range that the average...
Ummm, are you aware that it only takes 4-8 Mbps to stream 1080p at 24 frames per second?  Thus, your present 802.11n will EASILY stream 10 devices - and leave you plenty left over for multiple streams of Netflix (which is still going to face a bottleneck at your ISP).
For what?  Perhaps commercial use, but the Apple routers are not designed for heavy industrial/commercial use (ie. Hospitals, factories, businesses).  Your best ISP is still stuck at speeds that make 802.11n seem about a decade ahead of their time.   Now, if you have a bunch of SSD's in a RAID configuration (you will not see sustained Gigabit datarates with non-SSD drives) and feel the need to stream more than 6 streams of 1080p video, simultaneously - then 802.11ac...
Ok ... overkill.  802.11n gives you dual band and 450 Mbps goodness - with great range.  Now, if you are sitting on a SSD RAID and feel the need to stream dozens of 1080p video to a couple dozen HDTV sets in your house - then perhaps this is for you.  Face it, whether you are a fan of DSL or cable - neither of these deliver half the bandwidth that 802.11ac utilizes.  Even the much vaunted Google Fiber, which may have 1 Gbps on the local network - will have bandwith much...
Generally, ... yes.  It's not unusual for Foxconn to have 20,000+ people competing for 2,000 jobs.
[QUOTE] Trust me. This is true. We have had numerous reports in the news here in Hong Kong about this situation in mainland China. Many of these students are from poor families in the countryside and they couldn’t afford to pay the tuition fees. so the schools sent them to factories to work for six months or so, the schools will get most of their wages as tuitions fees and then the students are given just a meagre fee for their daily living. Then the students will go...
There is also the rumor of a fingerprint scanner being embedded in the home key.  So, swipe your fingerprint and then use NFC to purchase things.  I'd be happy with that verification plan.
I'm anxiously waiting to hear if those 3% of Windows Phone owners are going to be abandoned, or if they will be able ot upgrade to Win8.  That, IMHO, will be a major indicator - if you bought a Windows Phone and you are abandoned, that is going to buy a whole lot of ill-will.  This is something that is not unknown to MSFT - so it will be interesting to see what happens.
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