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Generally, ... yes.  It's not unusual for Foxconn to have 20,000+ people competing for 2,000 jobs.
[QUOTE] Trust me. This is true. We have had numerous reports in the news here in Hong Kong about this situation in mainland China. Many of these students are from poor families in the countryside and they couldn’t afford to pay the tuition fees. so the schools sent them to factories to work for six months or so, the schools will get most of their wages as tuitions fees and then the students are given just a meagre fee for their daily living. Then the students will go...
There is also the rumor of a fingerprint scanner being embedded in the home key.  So, swipe your fingerprint and then use NFC to purchase things.  I'd be happy with that verification plan.
I'm anxiously waiting to hear if those 3% of Windows Phone owners are going to be abandoned, or if they will be able ot upgrade to Win8.  That, IMHO, will be a major indicator - if you bought a Windows Phone and you are abandoned, that is going to buy a whole lot of ill-will.  This is something that is not unknown to MSFT - so it will be interesting to see what happens.
When you arrive ~3 years late to the party, with a different (and as of yet, unsupported) OS environment; you must accomplish 2 of the following 3 objectives.   * Better * Faster * Cheaper   If you can't hit 2 of these 3 targets - might as well close up shop and go home.
Dell's failure has been one of innovation.  They buy Asus/Foxconn/Intel motherboards, put them in a piece of plastic/metal and stick the Dell badge on the front - just like everyone else.   But wait, after installing a nice clean Windows install - they then load you down with tons of crapware with no possible way to opt out of the crapware.  So, you unpack your shiny new Dell, then spend the next couple hours uninstalling the crapware.  Here is where the fun begins. ...
Considering the iPhone 5 release is likely to happenin the next 4 months or so; and that the predicted sales of these will be fairly huge - why sell now?   This doesn't include the anticipated sales of Apple's TV efforts, nor the Ivy Bridge refresh on their existing hardware - all of which should drive the stock price of Apple even higher.
I submit that this is NOT the job of the Austin City Counsil, this is usually nicely managed by something we like to call the "Free Market" system. I submit that the city councilmen can barely find their backsides with both hands, a map and a flashlight - to sum up the knowledge they possess in determining wages in a High Tech Industry can usually be found at the bottom of a typical birdcage. Competition sets the wage - that's the way it's supposed to work. When you...
You are missing a few rather key points that is rather attractive to Austin.  Austin is the Silicon Valley of the West.  Texas Instruments, Intel, Freescale, Samsung, Micron among others call Austin home.  This means, that new components are just a short car ride from Apple's labs.  Technical support from the chip designers is just a face-to-face meeting without the need for huge amounts of notice, no hotels, time changes, airline trips.  Literally, a 30 minute drive...
Exactly. When you report on national airwaves things as "facts" - it's generally considered by most children, to understand whether your "facts" are correct or not. Perhaps a couple million will teach this person, what common sense, his station manager and his parents failed. Before you open your mouth to condemn a company publically - it's usually best to have some facts to back you up. Sorry, made up "facts" don't count.
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