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Point well taken. Blab about what you work on at Apple, and you may be fired. Work for the DOD as a contractor and Blab, you WILL be fired, your co-workers may find themselves without a contract, and you might go to jail, and you mgiht find yourself fined to the tune of several thousands of dollars. That Security Clearance you are required to have, has some pretty harsh penalties.
I imagine this simply means that Nuance voice recognition is now a part of the OS, so when I say "Play songs by Supertramp", I don't get music by the Beatles. Simply more accurate transcribing of voice dictation.
I travel with my iPad, and am forced to pay $20/month to Hotspot the iPad. Wish that there was a tether plan that would allow me to tether my iPad to my iPhone.
Having been on a number of cruises (hey, it's my 'thing'); I can assure you that your room's ammenities are 'inventoried' daily. Your towels, the drinks in your fridge, the $4 jug of water on your nightstand. If you iPad is not in your room; I'll wager a steak dinner on the cruiseline of your choice, that the price of the iPad will appear on your bill at the end of the cruise. And yes, they will bill you for a robe ($100) and for any missing towels ($20). They sell them...
Umm, there are 902 staterooms, however the staterooms usually have 2 or more guests per stateroom. If you have x% with Mom, Dad and Jr, you can easily arrive at 2,074 capacity. Plus, some of the Captain's suites have multiple bedrooms. So, no problem believing the 2,074 number at all.
Life is full of choices, could Steve have accomplished everything he did, and still be a father, spending as much quality time with his kids as he would have liked? Probably not. Majority stockholder of Disney, Pixar, Apple, Senior inventor and engineer at Apple, directed the company from near bankdrupcy to the most powerful company in America. This demands time and energy. Consider Oprah, love her or hate her - she is a dominant power in Hollywood. She had a choice,...
ePubs is an open standard However, iBooks uses a closed standard. These books are NOT transferrable, either into, nor out of iBooks.
By all means, keep iBooks closed. No arguement from this side of the fence. However, do not deny me the use of the iBooks I have paid for; simply because I opt to use MyWi. Now, if Apple wants to refund my iBooks purchase - then I'll take my cash back and shut up. In the meanwhile, all my future book purchases will be through Kindle. iBooks has a lot of polish - but Kindle doesn't deny me access to the books I have paid for. And when you have dropped over $100 on books...
Ummm - Jailbreaking MY iPhone is perfectly LEGAL. Denying me access to iBooks that I have paid for, is theft. Not all Jailbreakers are thieves, I know several jailbroken phones - and NOT ONE of them use stolen Apps. I'd wager that 95% of Jailbreakers go to the effort, because of MyWi. MyWi simply turns on a function that is built into the iPhone, and is turned off by the cell provider. The Cell provider has opted to charge $20/month to enable something my phone has...
So, a 'Pre-emtive strike' on iBooks, for something I may, or may not do in the future; is justification for preventing me from accessing iBooks I have legitimately already paid for? Why not block the iPod functionality - just in case? Why not shut down my phone service, just in case? Jailbreaking is LEGAL. Denying me access to material that I have legitimately purchased is ILLEGAL. Simple enough?
New Posts  All Forums: