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Lack of space isn't a complaint. It's the reality.
Wanting to keep your own money is greedy but someone shoving their hand in your pocket is righteous?
Buy when you think there's value there. When the stock comes around (hopefully), sell and take some money off the table.   In other words, buy low, sell high.
Sounds like the Office cash cow doesn't want to lose business and their near-monopoly to support the Mobile group. In that respect, this is quite wise.
At least according to what I read, New Coke tested better than both Coke Classic and Pepsi.
And the opposite. 
 Segregation was state-enforced. Jim Crow was state-mandated discrimination. A free society which forces people to do stuff is oxymoronic. That's like saying we're a free society, that's why we won't allow anybody to say anything mean to anyone else. Do understand that freedom means tolerating things you don't like?
Your last comment is contradictory. A free society would mean freedom for both parties. Freedom to turn people away and freedom not to buy.
Should a black photographer have to photograph a Klan rally? The language of the bill seemed overly broad based on news reports, but this is the essential problem. Forcing a baker to make a cake for a gay wedding is different than saying refusing service to someone because they are gay, I.e. A birthday cake or something not celebrating their gayness.
They could just as easily be a foreign country with an U.S. subsidiary. How does the U.S. help them overseas?   Frankly, I don't see how corporate taxes do much good. They just raise the costs for the business and get passed along to the consumers in some form or another.
New Posts  All Forums: