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But Isaacson and Sorkin both talked to people who were in the room. Even people , like Woz, that say the dialogue is not precise still think it is an accurate portrayal. Much of what people think of as negative are stories that came from Jobs himself. Isaacson and Sorkin have considerably more second hand knowledge about those events than NASA has knowledge of what actually happened on Pluto. Admittedly, this whole comparison is silly.
It is based on a book Jobs wanted written before he died. From his enthusiasm about Issacson's book it is easy to surmise he would have been enthusiastic about this film. Four years is not obscenely short in any way. Particularly for someone who clearly wanted the unwashed story of his life told publicly. If he had survived does anyone doubt he would have been the first one to sit down with Sorkin to work on the script.
No-one who has actually seen the movie believes it is focused on the things you seem to believe it is.
It seems like Sorkin and Boyle have plenty of room to make a sequel covering the second half of his career and the book. The current movie only covers up to the iMac release. I don't know anything about their plans, but it seems like that would make the story more complete and provide better coverage of the aspects you describe.On an unrelated note. Cook's criticism of the new movie is interesting since he did not join Apple until right around the end of the movie....
Not sure why you think it was at the end. It was in the middle (a full minute left after it) and kind of funny.
Looking at the FAQ on beats, i believe you can move over, get three months free. You will get a credit for any remaining time on your beats account (either from your carrier or in your iTunes account) and then you can sign up for an individual or family plan at the end of the free three months.
Weird how that is the stupidest most neon-sensical thing anyone has said in a thread about the keynote. Congratulations.
They claim the library is everything in iTunes which is an order of magnitude larger than spotify.
Beats addresses that. They still have the family plan and any remaining time when you switch over will be credited back by the carrier. You will also automatically have your playlists and library from beats. http://www.beatsmusic.com/faq
If the rules were otherwise, private foundations would not work at all and it would be rather difficult for any charity to build an annuity income. Distibution requirements have nothing to do with administrative costs.
New Posts  All Forums: