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Perhaps more context is needed since I just hit ctrl-c on a mac to quit top...
He was asked for proof showing he believed that weeks ago and he provided it from over three weeks ago. You are just being silly now. It is clear he believed the same thing three weeks ago that he believes today. He was asked to prove he thought it 6 weeks ago. He missed that but a couple weeks, but proving it 3.5 weeks ago ought to be close enough.
Well you got him there. I remember reading your post and looking up the insider sales. I thought it was odd the CEO would have scheduled sales when the company should be on the cusp of a big upswing. In hindsight, the fact that his sale marks the all time peak for the stock should be a bit troubling to everyone.
Safari lags for a second or so when you open it on the iPad 2 under iOS 8.1. However, after that it is much smoother than it was on 7. 8.02 was similar to 8.1, but since I kept losing my 3g connection I don't like to talk about it.
I don't think it is necessary to jump all over someone because they didn't see the "coming to October" box buried on a page on Apple's web site.
Not really.. For me the big featured of iCloud Drive were being able to open files between Apps. If this is supported in any of the iwork Apps they have done an outstanding job of hiding it and striking any mention of it from the help.
In fact the only point of his post was trolling.
I have 23000 songs, so I might not notice :O If I could just get rid of that Tiffany album...
You missed the thing about "high-end" whereby the poster meant actual smart phones. Not the 750 million feature phones that registered as Android devices in the Play store. If you can break down the billion by Make and Model, we can talk.
They won't actually be thin enough until they can be easily rolled and folded.
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