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You are correct. According to Forbes, Apple has the third largest tax expense for a US corporation after Exxon and Chevron. They had a tax expense of 14.1 billion dollars. The only other tech firms in the top 10 are IBM and Microsoft at 9 and 10. Apple paid roughly 3x the taxes of either of them.
You can already get MLB and the NBA on Apple TV. They already know how to deal with blackout rules.
Plenty of space up there to lay the kids down and help keep weight on the front wheels.
Broads do. May not women or at least ladies...
It may be possible to hack an update caching server at a major developer and deploy the infected Xcode that way. I am not sure that would work though because I believe the end client still checks the validity of the package directly with Apple.
Look at the line above the last one and try not to let your head explode as you claim you didn't do what you just did .
It is weird and you have to wonder what computers this guy thinks the Military is using. Most of the military is using consumer or business grade laptops that average 2-3 years old just like every other major enterprise in the world. When you get into embedded systems and computers used in the field, the technology is actually older and less powerful. If he is talking about supercomputers used by the NSA and others, he missed the point.
When the text book holds the right answer, why should he avoid presenting it? The belief by people who don't like the current President (at any particular time) is that the President is abusing their power. It is remarkable how people align the world to their beliefs and are only able to see the person they don't like doing things they don't agree with.
It really doesn't. In fact, Market Cap is a point-in-time snapshot and is only relevant today. It makes no sense to adjust it for inflation. In 2015 dollars, Microsoft's market cap is whatever the current value of their stock is times the number of outstanding shares. period. Market cap is already extremely and appropriately adjust for inflation.
You don't follow tech news much if you think the press would get distracted from a potential Apple Car 5 years from now by Samsung announcing a new Galaxy....phone or otherwise.
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