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Looking at the FAQ on beats, i believe you can move over, get three months free. You will get a credit for any remaining time on your beats account (either from your carrier or in your iTunes account) and then you can sign up for an individual or family plan at the end of the free three months.
Weird how that is the stupidest most neon-sensical thing anyone has said in a thread about the keynote. Congratulations.
They claim the library is everything in iTunes which is an order of magnitude larger than spotify.
Beats addresses that. They still have the family plan and any remaining time when you switch over will be credited back by the carrier. You will also automatically have your playlists and library from beats. http://www.beatsmusic.com/faq
If the rules were otherwise, private foundations would not work at all and it would be rather difficult for any charity to build an annuity income. Distibution requirements have nothing to do with administrative costs.
Well the argument in the last thread here focused on the evil of people with tattoos, which was ridiculous. Apple took the right approach here. There may not be anything they can do about it and why should they.
She was standing there, filming and talking. It is clear the officer or deputy came after her to destroy the phone she was filming with and nothing else. You really did nothing but make the case for the app. She was not interfering. She was assaulted because she chose to film the police. It's truly unfortunate if they don't like people watching them work. We live in a free society and the actions of government agents should be open to all types of public review...
Do you live in the hood?They already do..:I have about 50 people working for me. All of them are professionals making over $120k. I know at least 6 of them have tattoos and two of them have tattoos that are always visible. Even out most conservative clients have never complained.There are cases where a particular tattoo might give me pause in hiring someone. I would think more about the content than the medium. It is remarkable how narrow minded and self-important so...
Today a court can compel someone to provide access to the data on their phone the same way they can compel you to provide access to anything. Anyone choosing not to provide access would be in jail until they did. Why do we need a backdoor so a secret FISA court that shouldn't even exist can issue a secret warrant that shouldn't even exist to access the data on my phone without my knowledge. There is no logical argument any reasonable person can make supporting this...
Absolutely if that is the only evidence they should go free. Are you nuts?
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