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Netbook's can't really do any of those things one at a time. An iPad would work as well as netbook for your 30 page paper as both would require an external keyboard. So obviously netbooks aren't computers either.
Best part is the rest of his absurd statement where he just gives up on security and switches to compatibility.
Yeah, except it won't do that. In fact the gear is so crappy it will make any watch Apple releases (if they do) look far better by comparison. Like the MS Slate nonsense, they tried to enter the market before Apple defined it for them.
I've got some bad news for you sunshine...
The funny thing is, the iPhone is still the #1 phone in the world and the iPads are still the #1 and #2 tablets in the world. What Android means as a platform is hard to figure. One thing we know is that developers don't make any money it. What that tells me is that a very small piece of what is called Android can actually run apps from the Google Play store. This is also probably why Google still makes absolutely nothing off of Android.
He told you where to look. Go for it. If your too lazy to read a transcript of the call or look up the data thats your problem. What Apple reports is shipments, starting channel inventory and ending channel inventory for the reporting period. The reader/listener is left to do the basic mathematics required to find out what went to customers. Apple is the only major phone manufacturer that reports any sales statistics at all. I will not provide you a link to that, but...
Amazon is not making a profit because their investors do not require them to do so.
I believe you, but where are the Android tablets? Are people afraid to take them out of their house. I was on a flight yesterday (SFO to DFW). I walked the length of the plane in coach and saw 40 iPads out, 1 surface, and 1 kindle fire.If it is just that people are buying them and not using them, Androids tablet market share is going to be pretty short lived.
We write essays in school with out keyboards.. (Seriously do you go to school in the third world?)
Perhaps that is the solution he was talking about....
New Posts  All Forums: