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I am sure you added sales tax to the US price and also factored in the increased cost of government regulation in Australia (like the extra year of warranty you require). Oh wait, you thought that was free...
That looks pretty tame compared to the folks doing field work with RED 4k raw and trying to slap together dailies on the road.
Fair enough. I would not say it should never sleep, but it sounds like it is randomly sleeping while you are using the computer. I am not sure why it would be freezing your computer when it was starting up unless you were trying to access something stored on the drive. I just shutdown and restarted a Drobo array and a Promise array and never had any interruptions in usage. Maybe it is the OWC.As a side note, don't go with Drobo if you want peace . There are several...
The mini has no built-in Camera..The MacRumors article mentioned this does not affect MACs built since 2008 at all.BTW real cutting edge research there. Have they spent the past 5 years on this or are they interested in the security of people running 5 year old macs?
In many ways the Pro Video market is already there (or moving there). The move to modular camera systems has been happening for the past few years and has really exploded in the past 12 months. You can see many of these same arguments on Pro Video forums (with similar silly pictures). Modular is the future. It is clear Apple had a lot of input from the Pro Video/Film sector on the new design.His video is a pretty good view of how things are today.
Why is your RAID array going to sleep? That is either or poorly designed array or you have power saver turned on.. You can buy arrays with quieter fans (the disks would have made the same amount of noise inside the old Mac Pro) or buy a longer thunderbolt cable and put the array in the closet.
Your whole argument is based on an assumption that is completely false. I have worked on dozens of workstation networks and seen hundreds of Mac Pros in the wild. I can not think of a single one that was not connected to some kind of external storage solution.You can be critical, but the picture is silly and I suspect you know that.
Your image just says you are too unprofessional to own a professional workstation. Nearly everyone used external arrays with their old Mac Pros......
Yeah except for the petabytes of directly attached storage it can easily support, what will we do.Edit: To answer your first question, look at the picture of the inside on the apple site and then tell us where you would put the 3.5" drive.
Apple has been doing this for a while.. (At least three years now)Both of them are copying the 12 days of Christmas (More like the song than the tradition or religious period).Microsoft's event is the 12 days of deals.Apple is giving away free digital contentMicrosoft is having a saleDon't be silly, you were not being sarcastic, just cluelessWelcome to the site. I hope you forget your password.
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