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Actually if you were refused service because you hetero-sexual, it would be illegal in any state that has a law on discrimination for sexual orientation.
Why? I think the point is Apple is spending a lot of money in Arizona and they would not be comfortable doing that in a state that endorsed discrimination.
Connecting accounts is not working for me. Anyone here get it to work? Edit: Just noticed someone else did. Glad it is not just me.
You forgot to mention this is not a news site
You know that whole story last year was just some confused song writers that did not understand the difference between a streaming play and a radio play. They all get a lot more per listener for streaming than they do for the radio. Something around 10-20x more. Pandora, Spotify, and now Apple are way overpaying per play relative to what broadcasters pay.
There is a pretty good explanation of all that in the story you are commenting on. Maybe you should read it...
Mine works abou 99% of the time. The only issue I had was one I messed up the tips on the 3 fingers I had scanned in. I rescanned one as a 4th print and it worked fine until they healed up. Now they all 3 work great again. It is actually one of those things I still think is pretty impressive after a few months of use.
I am guessing this was free anyway, so not really a great gift. Most pilots are free in the iTunes Store. A gift is a free season. An ad is a free pilot. Next.
Ok , link one of them then. If there are so many, it should be easy to do. I can't find even one. The only one i have seen even close to that number with similar hardware was using a used CPU.To clarify my last point. The CPU in the entry model retails around $1,000 dollars, but a lot of people think it retails for $293 because if you Google it, the first two links you find are at the price. Both of those links are for CPUs pulled from other machines. That is...
You have to show your work for credit....
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