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Bigger is only more important in phones, in tablets smaller is better!
This is not a raid problem at all. This is a problem with inexperienced people doing raid deployments. Perhaps I have just spent too much time working with people that know what they are doing...Your belief about raid really is better accomplished with a JBOD concatenation. I will go ahead an believe Patterson, et al's stated objectives with RAID: http://www.cs.cmu.edu/~garth/RAIDpaper/Patterson88.pdfI think you are just showing a fundamental misunderstanding of RAID...
For home or SMB use, people should source the drives themselves. They should also spend the extra $100 on real enterprise drives.
That is truly absurd. Unless you are confusing desktops and workstations. I could not imagine anyone in post-production, animation, drafting or any other field really leveraging workstations accepting something without RAID 1 (or a similar configuration) for data storage in a work station environment. Anyone getting paid to specify something like that is in way over their head.BTW RAID 10 is in no way "exotic" it has been in wide production use for at least 10 years now...
The only risk of data loss in a reasonably engineered Raid 5 array is the failure of a second drive during a rebuild. I suppose someone may have some statistics saying that a poorly timed two drive failure is more likely than a single drive failure, but I really doubt it. It would be a logical impossibility for RAID 10 not to be more reliable than a single drive. They are a way of securing data, your first sentence is simply wrong. They are not a way of completely...
I believe both your points came up in court. It is dedicated storage and antennas.
I think you read the complaint, but nothing else. Aero's complaint is far from ridiculous. They have and rent individual antenas and tuners for each user and the users control them on their own. There is no way this is rebroadcasting any more than a slingbox is rebroadcasting (networks tried to fight that too). In fact, Aereo only works if the user is actually in the broadcast area for their service.The networks don't have a leg to stand on. If they don't want to be in...
Netbook's can't really do any of those things one at a time. An iPad would work as well as netbook for your 30 page paper as both would require an external keyboard. So obviously netbooks aren't computers either.
Best part is the rest of his absurd statement where he just gives up on security and switches to compatibility.
Yeah, except it won't do that. In fact the gear is so crappy it will make any watch Apple releases (if they do) look far better by comparison. Like the MS Slate nonsense, they tried to enter the market before Apple defined it for them.
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