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Yeah except for the petabytes of directly attached storage it can easily support, what will we do.Edit: To answer your first question, look at the picture of the inside on the apple site and then tell us where you would put the 3.5" drive.
Apple has been doing this for a while.. (At least three years now)Both of them are copying the 12 days of Christmas (More like the song than the tradition or religious period).Microsoft's event is the 12 days of deals.Apple is giving away free digital contentMicrosoft is having a saleDon't be silly, you were not being sarcastic, just cluelessWelcome to the site. I hope you forget your password.
Or pretty much any post that starts with a description of the Apple products the poster owns.
Likely that they missed the amount by 1000x?
Physical keyboards have been an option since the day the iPad was released. I am not sure why MS and now Nokia think not selling a key board cover means the iPad doesn't gave a keyboard or even an Apple keyboard. The dock keyboard was there originally. They Apple Bluetooth keyboard is still there today. There are more varieties of third party iPad keyboards than units sold of Windows RT...
You should build your own phone based on usb flash from Amazon....
Bigger is only more important in phones, in tablets smaller is better!
This is not a raid problem at all. This is a problem with inexperienced people doing raid deployments. Perhaps I have just spent too much time working with people that know what they are doing...Your belief about raid really is better accomplished with a JBOD concatenation. I will go ahead an believe Patterson, et al's stated objectives with RAID: http://www.cs.cmu.edu/~garth/RAIDpaper/Patterson88.pdfI think you are just showing a fundamental misunderstanding of RAID...
For home or SMB use, people should source the drives themselves. They should also spend the extra $100 on real enterprise drives.
That is truly absurd. Unless you are confusing desktops and workstations. I could not imagine anyone in post-production, animation, drafting or any other field really leveraging workstations accepting something without RAID 1 (or a similar configuration) for data storage in a work station environment. Anyone getting paid to specify something like that is in way over their head.BTW RAID 10 is in no way "exotic" it has been in wide production use for at least 10 years now...
New Posts  All Forums: