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When the text book holds the right answer, why should he avoid presenting it? The belief by people who don't like the current President (at any particular time) is that the President is abusing their power. It is remarkable how people align the world to their beliefs and are only able to see the person they don't like doing things they don't agree with.
It really doesn't. In fact, Market Cap is a point-in-time snapshot and is only relevant today. It makes no sense to adjust it for inflation. In 2015 dollars, Microsoft's market cap is whatever the current value of their stock is times the number of outstanding shares. period. Market cap is already extremely and appropriately adjust for inflation.
You don't follow tech news much if you think the press would get distracted from a potential Apple Car 5 years from now by Samsung announcing a new Galaxy....phone or otherwise.
How much are they paying taxes over that period? How much tax revenue was the land in NC generating before Apple built the DC?
Yet...The interest can be as simple as the company you hired them from already did the hard work of finding all the best people and moving them to your neighborhood.Yet...
Trolls will not allow facts or reality get in their way...
While you are correct, the graph in question refers to calendar q4 and not Apple's fiscal q4. AI should always clarify that, but they don't. They do say in the text they are talking about the December quarter, and the the yellow line on the graph is labeled as an estimate. The blue line on the graph appears to be Morgan Stanley's estimate mislabeled or AIs own projection on the trend. What it is not is actual iPhone sales for the December quarter (or the September...
Perhaps more context is needed since I just hit ctrl-c on a mac to quit top...
He was asked for proof showing he believed that weeks ago and he provided it from over three weeks ago. You are just being silly now. It is clear he believed the same thing three weeks ago that he believes today. He was asked to prove he thought it 6 weeks ago. He missed that but a couple weeks, but proving it 3.5 weeks ago ought to be close enough.
Well you got him there. I remember reading your post and looking up the insider sales. I thought it was odd the CEO would have scheduled sales when the company should be on the cusp of a big upswing. In hindsight, the fact that his sale marks the all time peak for the stock should be a bit troubling to everyone.
New Posts  All Forums: