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If anyone creating mock up drawings read this site, I apologize in advance. AI, please stop including these absolutely hideous mock-up drawings with every story about the "iWatch". They are irrelevant and we always end up with some dweeb saying how the device is going to fail because it so ugly. What does the picture in this story have to do with the story? Here is my mock up of the iWatch. Please consider it for the next story: -O-
A bit weird for the NYTs to run an unattributed, single-sourced story. Well it would have been 30 years ago. Today the line between The New York Times and the National Inquirer is as thin as the gold hair discussed earlier in this thread.
Your confused about revealing sources. This would be a civil suit. If the siource was material to proving what the NYT said was true, they would either reveal the source or lose the suit. It is also possible they could be compelled to reveal the source during discovery. This is not a criminal case. The second case is a little less clear cut, but the first is absolutely certain.
Because any payment system that relies on your phones Internet connection is doomed to fail. A phone with a secure enclave can be used just like a chipped card.
If you read it in context on his site it is clear he is not joking. Even clearer if you have followed his take on these rumors for a while...
I have not seen a single part claiming to be a band for a watch or wrist device made by Apple. There have been lots of hideous markups made by amateur designers on the Internet. Do you have a link to a leaked part?
I would rather have the asshole next to me talking on the phone than trying to talk to me....
Yes they did, and even said cellular functions should not pose a safety hazard. Their parent agency apparently has some other issues with allowing cell phone use. This article is specifically referring to cellular voice and cellular data usage. I am not sure why a rule is required. If there is no safety issue then there is no need for a rule or regulation.
I suppose it is not big enough to be a complete disaster like Google's acquisition of Motorola, Microsoft's acquisition of aQuantive, or (soon) Facebook's acquisition of WhatsApp.
I don't think the gloating is from people looking at the company as consumers. I imagine nearly everyone here, myself included, is a happy Amazon customer. As an investor, you look at what Wall Street has allowed Amazon to get away with and it is puzzling. They have teetered on the edge of profitability for nearly 20 years, their outlook has never been all that encouraging, but the company has maintained a very high valuation. I don't think what you are seeing is...
New Posts  All Forums: