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You should get together with other shareholders and vote in a new board that will replace Cook. Good luck.
If by privately you mean on his blog with the Mozilla logo on it, I agree with you. There was nothing private about what he did. He made his statements publicly and as an official representative of the company. If he wanted to be able to say whatever he wanted for the company, he should not have sold a controlling interest in it....
It is just the phone connecting to the car. If you don't own an Android phone you won't have Android powering anything in your car, if you do own an Android phone, you probably don't care.
They are both just SDKs, so yes they will support both devices in the cars.
Profits don't have to be insane, just sustainable. Companies can't afford to lose money for ever and razor thin margins are a tough model for something that requires long term support. I don't see why these phones would have more than $50 or $60 in parts though.
You are renting a tuner and antenna from Aero, how can that possibly be different.
Your understanding of the Aero model is as confused as the courts. Ultimately we have to blame Aero and their attorney's for not doing a better job explaining it to all of you.
I was thinking the same thing. I hate when I am forced to agree with him.
It is amazing how much evil wholly owned Google sibsidary's do. Every time Motorolla filed a lawsuit we would still see the Googleguys running around saying Google would never sue anyone because they are not evil like Apple, Now we have Nest buying video surveilance for Google.
You know it is used for a lot of other things too. I have a heart rate monitor, bike cadence monitor, and display that all use BLE. It will soon be a key part of many home automation systems. It is 2014, going with Bt3 can't be seen as anything but a huge mistake.
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