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Not sure what your link has to do with the post you responded to. I will point out that that story was based on speculation (and blatant market manipulation) and has been contradicted since CT released their rate card...
Lack of transparency about pre-order numbers? Do they ever downgrade every other phone manufacturer in the world for the same thing? It is hard to imagine analysts can get more ridiculous, but I bet they can.
That makes a lot more sense. If I have to redo my fingerprints every time I fly (and follow the rules), I will stop using it the first week I own the phone.
Maybe if people did not make ridiculous claims like "dangerous to users" people would be more open to discussing every tiny little issue that comes out.
Maybe Eddie is going to MS
Nothing in the article indicates it was done without permissions. All they did was execute code that was not in the original app.The story is a lot more hype than substance. I imagine the user did give permission to access contacts, post tweets, etc. the problem is they did it with unreviewed code, not that they did it without permission.
Ellison is just projecting. He hopes the day he leaves Oracle it collapses.
I don't believe this case involves LTE....
[quote name="Gazoobee" url="/t/158333/apple-applies-for-iwatch-trademark-in-mexico-and-taiwan#post_2356119" I'm not sure I totally agree with you but I worry about the same thing.  Unless this hypothetical product has all kinds of aspects that we don't yet know about, it seems certain that it's a niche product at best.  I know I have no use for any of it's purported functions and I'm sure large numbers of other people are in the same boat as well.   I'm most surprised at...
This name is not for a watch, it is for their new TV service....
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