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I was thinking the same thing. I hate when I am forced to agree with him.
It is amazing how much evil wholly owned Google sibsidary's do. Every time Motorolla filed a lawsuit we would still see the Googleguys running around saying Google would never sue anyone because they are not evil like Apple, Now we have Nest buying video surveilance for Google.
You know it is used for a lot of other things too. I have a heart rate monitor, bike cadence monitor, and display that all use BLE. It will soon be a key part of many home automation systems. It is 2014, going with Bt3 can't be seen as anything but a huge mistake.
He was reaching, but of all your posts in the thread, this was the only one that wasn't pure trolling. It is actually the first time you commented on Amazon or the Fire Phone. All of your other comments have been attacks on people that like Apple products or posts supporting your attack posts. You might see where some people might think you have an agenda.
AI is having some quote issues today. In any case... Just show us one quote from the plenty. I can't find anyone claiming Apple has invented everything there is to invent or anything even remotely like that.
I got warned on Mac Rumors for quoting him (and the story in the post). No embellishment at all. The moderator totally didn't get it.. Crazy place over there. Android trolls run rampant and I get warned for trolling because I provided a direct quote from the keynote the thread was about.
Yeah but all anyone in the tech press does is compare Android market share to iPhone market share and declare victory for Android. It does not matter that almost all the companies selling Android devices are losing money. It doesn't matter that Google makes almost nothing on Android.Too soon.
Android Pokice says he is wrong and it is 8.6%....
Unity and a few others were mentioned as engines already working on Metal support.
They did mention A7 about 15 times during the demo and repeatedly described how Metal improved performance on the A7 hardware. I am fairly certain A7 hardware is what they were using.
New Posts  All Forums: