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I think when we are talking about hundreds or thousands of dollars in charges that results in you contacting the FTC we have gone well beyond questionable supervision. These parents are not paying any attention to their children at all and handing them devices as baby sitters.
It is really odd that Apple, Amazon and I am sure eventually Google are being blamed for bad parents.
Thing is, Android is not a thing. Do this, stack up all the phones sold in the US by manufacturer or model. If you do it by manufacturer, the tallest stack will be Apple. If you do it by model the two or three tallest piles will be iPhones. Now, please explain to us how the headline is misleading.If your going to troll, at least try a bit harder.
Crappy headphones are popular and profitable. Beats music subscribers are paid and Songzas are free users active in the past (whatever time frame looks best). Google uses 60 days a lot, I bet Songza is using at least 90.
Actually you said most pay nothing or don't pay their fair share. Seems like you left it up to the reader to pick one. Your argument seems to be against public education which I am fibe with. You just happen to make a lot of broad sweeping statements that aren't true. For example, families tend to pay higher property taxes than single people so they are in fact contributing more to public education.I have 3 kids (20, 18, and 5) and none of them have ever attended a...
Every person in America pays some kind of tax. The only possible exception would be someone that is homeless and never buys anything at all. Are you suggesting that most parents are homeless and never buy anything at all?In Texas the schools are primarily funded through property taxes. Only a person who lives in fully subsidized government housing doesn't pay any property tax (I really don't even know if we have that in Texas, but we probably do). Even then, those...
About time.
The Ascend Mate 2 weighs roughly twice as much as an iPhone 5s. I am pretty sure if I added a battery case to a 5S I would come out way ahead in battery life and functionality.
You should get together with other shareholders and vote in a new board that will replace Cook. Good luck.
If by privately you mean on his blog with the Mozilla logo on it, I agree with you. There was nothing private about what he did. He made his statements publicly and as an official representative of the company. If he wanted to be able to say whatever he wanted for the company, he should not have sold a controlling interest in it....
New Posts  All Forums: