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This is good news, that system is great. I seem to recall a story last year about Apple hiring back a former employer that went to Palm and created the WebOS notification system too. I hope these changes make it into iOS 5. I imagine they will come up with something pretty slick.
Actually if ActiveSynch is not already the Defacto standard for Enterprise email synch, it will be within 12 months. It is getting hard to find companies that have more users on BES than Activesynch. Perhaps BBM is popular in your company, but iI have worked with at least 25 of the fortune 100 in the past 3-4 years and not one of them is using BBM. People have a lot of convoluted reasons why RIM won't die. Unfortunately for RIM, none of them are valid. RIM will either...
This story does not make logical or technological sense. It is simply a bunch of words strung together in a nonsensical way.
Is the Adobe CEO anything but a Troll at this point? If he really believes what he is saying, he should be fired. Actually he should be fired either way. Wow. Maybe he could take the job at RIM.
Apple can replace Samsung, in the longer term anyway, fortunately Apple has the contracts to ensure it lasts till then. Samsung can not replace Apple. They are th Wold's largest consumer of nearly everything they buy from Samsung. Apple was a customer it was foolish to steal from.
Were you one of the ones decrying the evil of your phone knowing where you'd been?
Chrome is Webkit, which Apple created from KHTML Google bought Google Voice from Grand Centeral.. Many of Ggoogle's services are rebranded something else. Nothing wrong with that, but let's not go crazy.
Thanks fo saving me the typing. Key points: No Android phone outsold the iPhone 3GS last quarter IOS Developers still making 10-13x Android developers and the dollar value of their revenue is growing 2-3x faster (yoy)
Of course the difference is one company is trying tom protect aspects of a real product and the other is trying to extort money from small developers. Apple,Goole, and even Amazon all have a vested interest in crushing this particular troll.
You vastly overstate Android's importance as an application platform. Having said that, what Apple said they were going to do, but never did, was release the FaceTime protocol as an open standard so anyone can build a client with it.If Apple ever actually does, Skype will encounter some issues since their voice and video service only works with their client. FaceTime would be in every general purpose chat program within a month or two.However, the bulk of Skype's revenue...
New Posts  All Forums: