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Because Apple TV is $99....
We always see these complaints. They always ignore VAT and the fact that it simply costs more money to do business in the UK. Apple does not want to have one price online and a higher price in their retail store. You really should not blame Apple for the Tax and Economic situation in the UK.
True, I am paying less because I finally was motivated to drop the DVD service I never used. I would also point out that Netflix has added massive amounts of new (old) TV shows in the past 12 months.
I am pretty sure Harbinger is Schmidt. It is all hersay at this point, we may never really know.
Actually only the photo one is a personal attack, must have missed that. The rest are instead commentary on his public behavior which by definition is not a personal attack. You should also keep in mind then many people on this forum have a significant interest in Apple beyond being fans and consumers. These people are rightfully upset when someone like Schmidt "abuses" his position and then comes by a couple years later to try and point the finger the other way.Look at...
No one in this thread attacked him personal, only his moronic statement and his despicable behavior as a member of the board of directors at Apple. His statement is ludicrous, what innovations have HTC or Samsung brought to the mobile industry in the past few years? Should Apple just continue to allow others to profit off their work? We are not talking about crushing bright innovative competition, we are talking about slowing massive multi-national copy machines.
Interesting you like picked a year before the patent was filed, too bad there were no smartphones...
That's more "crack" then a comic book convention.
So will Mountain Lion come out in 2013 or 2014?
Apple and MS have a lot of cross licensing in place, they will likely continue to expand it.Was it obvious 17 years ago? You should win Analogy of the year I don't recall you saying ipso facto?Most of what you claim he is saying has only been said by you. Btw. It does matter if it was obvious when the patent was granted. Who thinks it was not obvious is a lot less important then when it was not obvious. Everything seems obvious after we have used it for 15 years.
New Posts  All Forums: