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True, nothing inherently bad about a MBA. A lot of strong engineers pursue an MBA as they move into management role.
Does not work on my 4.33 3GS, will not even try on my iPad. I just wanted to see if it actually works. Did any of the sites promoting/discussing this even bother to try it and test their claims...
Can you link even one post within the past two years where someone said the notification system is fine. Even the biggest iPhone fans have been fairly universal in their dislike of the current notification system...
I found that a little mind boggling too. Apple believes Samsung is copying their stuff and Samsung does not want to stop, what are they supposed to do. While I can't prove it, I am sure Apple asked more then once for them to knock it off.
That connector will ultimately sink Samsung (In this case). This probably why they are starting to pull back some of their more absurd counter-suits so they can work on settling.
That is not true.
I think it would be hilarious if Samsung made a 3rd (kind of 4th) release of thevsame failing product in one year. It would be especially funny if they thought resolution would change that.
Apple must be pleased that no one knows anything about the next iPhone and when it will be released.
Anecdotally...I was in China for the month of March and the only tablet I saw anyone use or widely sold, was the iPad. I recall off brands I did not recognize in the stores (rarely), but if I had to guess based on some time in just two provinces, I would say the iPad would be fairly dominant in a similar survey on China.
Nice to see Apple finally trying to catch up with Google on environmental issues like this.
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