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It is not a rule, it is also not crazy. It is reality for their competitors. Samsungs market share advantage does not translate to more leverage from suppliers because they make 10x the number of different smart phones than Apple does. They have a wide variety of configurations and I doubt there is any particular part they buy more of then Apple.
Since Apple has a very limited product line using similar or identical components, they're leverage with suppliers far exceeds anyone else. Marketshare from a diverse collection of products does not help supplier leverage anywhere near as much.
I agree their methods are likely flawed, but they do state it as representing attendees and not the community as a whole.
Depends how the sample was select, but it is likely off. (Mostly because PJ is nor known for its rigorous methodolgy) Keep in mind that they can get a fairly accurate view on 60 million voters with a sample size of 1-2k.
Xcerion was also very well publicized (if this iCloud Communications had googled itself at all in the past 4 years, they would have seen (literally) thousands of tech articles about iCloud. Apple purchased the rights to a properly registered and widely used mark. The folks at tiCloud communications have no leg to stand on.
Apple Registered in 12 industries on 6/1 (in addition to the original registration in two markets which it appears apple now owns). These clowns should give up their frivolous suit and go oppose the registration for telecommunications or they will find themselves hunting for a new company name.
The previous owner was a pretty well funded and publicized startup. Perhaps these iCloud Communications folks don't realize that Apple also bought the Trademark from the previous owner that had a lot more brand recognition with it then these clowns.
Since their forecasts shift by huge percentages every couple of months, I believe the answer is they can't.
So they are supposed to be perfect? No one else has ever done anytHing like the App store before. Every move Amazonor Google makes in this area only occurs after Apple does. When you are a pioneer, you will make mistakes. Apple listens to customers, content providers, and developers and fixes their mistakes when they are wrong. That is a good thing. Not ever making another mistake is impossible.
Luddites miss out on lots, nothing new.
New Posts  All Forums: