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The ground starts to shake a blinding light comes through the windows. A massive spaceship lands in the parking lot and out pours and endless stream of little green robots. They come in all different shapes and sizes, each claiming to be Android. Everyone looks up as they hear the distant thump of Andy Rubin's approaching helicopter....I would continue but everything gets confusing when you bring Android into the picture...
Those same factors will keep the Android share of the mobile app market right around the 5% they had in 2010. The iPhone will remain the #1 smartphone for at least the next few years. Nothing else is even close. Since in spite of always being refered to as a single platform, Android is in reality many different platforms, using a wide variety of hardware and often times incompatible operating systems that never get upgraded. Developers will continue to invest time and...
The RIM bus shows up with it's 47 CEOS and 32 COOs that then proceed to stand in the corner bickering with each other and miss the fact that a deal is being made.
P.S. Who came up with the gigantic buttons and forgot to give access to the progress bar in full screen view.. Maybe he can show us the Android equivalent of high screen scrubbing in full screen..
Too bad all those videos play in browser and full screen on the iPad... They are certainly available in HTML5, how do we know from that video they were even playing in flash...
I agree, this would be great in the iPod/pad.
It it is telling that despite all of the noise about Android versus iPhone, Android is still a no-entity in the app business. This explains Google change of heart, they finally realized just how much damage their fragmentation was causing. Carriers and traditional phone manufacturers are actually pretty terrible at giving people a product they want. Apple has known this since 2007, Google caught on in 2011. Now we may see some actual competition. This is when...
Reality is the iPone 4 was the #1 handset in the world in 2010 and is still beating the crap out of anything those manufacturers awe making, even when they are giving them away.
The enterprise ha little interest in Rim..
The open source pre-gingerbread parts yes.
New Posts  All Forums: