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Anecdotally...I was in China for the month of March and the only tablet I saw anyone use or widely sold, was the iPad. I recall off brands I did not recognize in the stores (rarely), but if I had to guess based on some time in just two provinces, I would say the iPad would be fairly dominant in a similar survey on China.
Nice to see Apple finally trying to catch up with Google on environmental issues like this.
That story is absurd and 5 years old. Bill gates was very private about his own charity until Ted Turner started calling him out. We eventually learned that gates had already donated more then Turners net worth. We have no idea how much Jobs does or does not I've to charity. I would guess it is more then 1000x the total giving of everyone who has posted on this thread, but it could just as easily be nothing. Maybe he gives 25% of his salary ( a quarter). I know some...
If you read and comprehended the article, you would understand the folly of your post. HP is likely the next most profitable PC maker, add in Dell and Acer and the ratio would go up...
Why?? What does platform have togo with making phone calls. Platform is about attracting third party developers... It really does not matter what devices you count, iOS developers make more money off the iPhone 3GS then android developers do off all Android devices (phone/non phone) combined. Until Android finds away to attract and keep developers, the size of their platform is irrelevant. Toss in the fact that fragmentation is still a growing problem, manufacturers...
Then you need to work on both your reading comprehension and general technical knowledge...
Prior tablets do not resemble the iPad. The slate announced just prior to the iPad and likely just based on stolen IP does not even look like the iPad.Apple never claimed to originate touch screen phones. These LG prada comments are always fun though.Whose brand is Apple polluting? What are you trying to say. I am a huge fan of brevity, but it helps to express a complete thought.
I am feeling left out. I hope Apple makes an iWovel soon so I can sue them.
Scientific testing like copying the text into word and running Spell check. The low score tells me the speech was written to reach Tea Party members...I know this whole line was a bit off-topic, but scientific testing, really? Bush scores an avg 8.6 versus Obama's average 8.5. Speech writers clearly felt like their message has not been reaching the audience so they have toned down the complexity.
What about that tells you anything. Very dry non-reaction. Pretty typical of Apple in legal cases.
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