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I am feeling left out. I hope Apple makes an iWovel soon so I can sue them.
Scientific testing like copying the text into word and running Spell check. The low score tells me the speech was written to reach Tea Party members...I know this whole line was a bit off-topic, but scientific testing, really? Bush scores an avg 8.6 versus Obama's average 8.5. Speech writers clearly felt like their message has not been reaching the audience so they have toned down the complexity.
What about that tells you anything. Very dry non-reaction. Pretty typical of Apple in legal cases.
Do you know how much Apple paid Nokia? Where did you get your kown information anyway...We don't know which patents they agreed to or what value Nokia ultimately gave Apple for their patents. People seeing this as a win or Nokia are high. They likely would have made more money if they just let Apple pay standard fees in the beginning.
The amount companies pay for GSM is fixed. Nokia demanded access to several Apple patents instead of money. Apple valued those patents a lot more then Nokia did. I believe Apple has been trying to pay the appropriate fee all along. There have been 1000s of stories on this topic. A lot of the information comes from legal fillings.Fixed royalties on GSM patents is not something "Apple Said"' it just is.
You can't really sue someone for making a prototype that has never been seen publicly. You also can't ask the courts to expedite your industrial espionage. Samsung's request is absurd. Every piece of hardware Apple has publicly announced is available in the Apple store...
It is not a rule, it is also not crazy. It is reality for their competitors. Samsungs market share advantage does not translate to more leverage from suppliers because they make 10x the number of different smart phones than Apple does. They have a wide variety of configurations and I doubt there is any particular part they buy more of then Apple.
Since Apple has a very limited product line using similar or identical components, they're leverage with suppliers far exceeds anyone else. Marketshare from a diverse collection of products does not help supplier leverage anywhere near as much.
I agree their methods are likely flawed, but they do state it as representing attendees and not the community as a whole.
Depends how the sample was select, but it is likely off. (Mostly because PJ is nor known for its rigorous methodolgy) Keep in mind that they can get a fairly accurate view on 60 million voters with a sample size of 1-2k.
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