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isn't there only one model. Therefore, shouldn't the rumor be that RIM is considering stopping production on the Playbook.I thought they were direct order only? The Android tablets are pushing a lotin the channel but no actually selling any to consumers. Does RIM even have a channel for these?
Mine was an estimate. I actually ignored all the numbers in the article because their data was clearly pure garbage.You also need to factor in returns. Maybe this game sucks and people played it for 30 seconds and returned it in the window. I imagine there are several more cases that we have not even discussed.I am not the one who published an article that contained absolutely 0 thought or calculations about the content. How can 90% seem right when the one thing we now...
This btw is the answer. Apparently this DEV did not understand what he was signing up for. I would guess less then one of ten copies he suspects is pirated actually is. Would have been cool if some thought and knowledge about how iOS works would have found its way into the story.
Don't you have vat in the UK? They may have to do local hosting of some of the content. Some CDN providers charge more for downloads on their european edges then their US ones.. There is a lot more at play then the exchange rate. What other taxes doe apple have to pay just to do business in your country?
You live n a state without an APple store? Or do you live in Deleware?Just noticed you refer to ddownloadable content. Hard to believe there are still states that do not tax downloads in 2011.
True, nothing inherently bad about a MBA. A lot of strong engineers pursue an MBA as they move into management role.
Does not work on my 4.33 3GS, will not even try on my iPad. I just wanted to see if it actually works. Did any of the sites promoting/discussing this even bother to try it and test their claims...
Can you link even one post within the past two years where someone said the notification system is fine. Even the biggest iPhone fans have been fairly universal in their dislike of the current notification system...
I found that a little mind boggling too. Apple believes Samsung is copying their stuff and Samsung does not want to stop, what are they supposed to do. While I can't prove it, I am sure Apple asked more then once for them to knock it off.
That connector will ultimately sink Samsung (In this case). This probably why they are starting to pull back some of their more absurd counter-suits so they can work on settling.
New Posts  All Forums: