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Nonsense. If there were any truth to this at all (and there is not), there wold not be any Android phones in the stats....
Apple reports starting and ending channel inventory plus the units put into the channel. Samsung reports the units put into the channel. One is transparent and one is smoke. With Apples numbers I can determine how many units left the channel (99.99999999999999% of those are sales). With Samsung's numbers I can determine how many units they shipped into the channel.We see again there is a claimed fall off of S4 sales after a claim of massive sales at launch. Samsung...
I am not sure anyone knows exactly how many. You have some ups supporting whole teams of developers and most likely not supporting any. I am fairly certain the number is more than a couple thousand, but it would be hard to say beyond that.
You think a 5" phone is what Apple needs for China? How do people think this stuff up...
It is also the only tablet with enterprise management an software deployment. Samsung at least has the security piece now, but no tools.
If users refuse to follow those steps, their OS is no longer open..
They fixed a lot of contrast issues on beta 2, hopefully they will do more. For example,you can now tell if your current phone call is muted.People need to remember it is early beta. People actually using the beta should share their thoughts with Apple. (There is a site for that). For everyone else, it is ok to have an opinion, but stop acting like the world is coming to an end.
Compare, " Hey developers, here are the versions of software users are using," to what you said and tell us where it fits.You clearly have that upside down.Seriously? The user joined Appleinsider using the name DroidFTW. You question calling that peron a troll? That's not enough for you? Read the posts. It is not about disagreement.
Apple never mentioned integer performance or geek bench scores...
Or, this could be beta and it was just left out of this release. You know, like the release notes say. It was not really vague at all. Not included in this seed clearly shows an intention to include in a future seed..
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