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So you think it would be better to fill the bay with unpermitted retail stores?
BOD positions are not full-time jobs.
You think we should be suspicious of anyone who is not 100% sure of what God wants? Why? Anyone who is 100% sure of what God wants is delusional. Anyone who isn't 100% sure is sane.
Actually if you were refused service because you hetero-sexual, it would be illegal in any state that has a law on discrimination for sexual orientation.
Why? I think the point is Apple is spending a lot of money in Arizona and they would not be comfortable doing that in a state that endorsed discrimination.
Connecting accounts is not working for me. Anyone here get it to work? Edit: Just noticed someone else did. Glad it is not just me.
You forgot to mention this is not a news site
You know that whole story last year was just some confused song writers that did not understand the difference between a streaming play and a radio play. They all get a lot more per listener for streaming than they do for the radio. Something around 10-20x more. Pandora, Spotify, and now Apple are way overpaying per play relative to what broadcasters pay.
There is a pretty good explanation of all that in the story you are commenting on. Maybe you should read it...
Mine works abou 99% of the time. The only issue I had was one I messed up the tips on the 3 fingers I had scanned in. I rescanned one as a 4th print and it worked fine until they healed up. Now they all 3 work great again. It is actually one of those things I still think is pretty impressive after a few months of use.
New Posts  All Forums: