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AI is having some quote issues today. In any case... Just show us one quote from the plenty. I can't find anyone claiming Apple has invented everything there is to invent or anything even remotely like that.
I got warned on Mac Rumors for quoting him (and the story in the post). No embellishment at all. The moderator totally didn't get it.. Crazy place over there. Android trolls run rampant and I get warned for trolling because I provided a direct quote from the keynote the thread was about.
Yeah but all anyone in the tech press does is compare Android market share to iPhone market share and declare victory for Android. It does not matter that almost all the companies selling Android devices are losing money. It doesn't matter that Google makes almost nothing on Android.Too soon.
Android Pokice says he is wrong and it is 8.6%....
Unity and a few others were mentioned as engines already working on Metal support.
They did mention A7 about 15 times during the demo and repeatedly described how Metal improved performance on the A7 hardware. I am fairly certain A7 hardware is what they were using.
He didn't show an example, but I think his moving diagram was two third party apps sharing information. (I need to watch again to be sure).
"As a rule" Does that mean except when they do? The purchase of Motorola was an offensive patent move. They bought a company that was actively involved in patent litigation and did not stop it. Moreover, they allowed their subsidiary to file more suits. What is up with all the delusional Google love in this thread. Google must have but Motorola for something, otherwise they just lost 9 billion dollars....
The entire idea of a virtual keyboard was on iPhone long before Android, anything derivative of that was on iOS first by definition. Do your comments sound as stupid on your head as they do on the forum?
Yeah but every year some tech site says no hardware will be announced and then someone on AI always says "Makes sense, it's a DEV conference." I think we should officially name this cycle.
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