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A popular paperback sure.. It is lighter then many books.
But if Nokia still made the top 2 phones, they might still have the profits. What % of those sales are pre 2.0 phones that will never be upgraded and are completely irrelevant as part of the Android platform?http://developer.android.com/resourc...-versions.html Google says 5%, but that is based on accesses to the Marketplace. Why would these users even bother to access a market place they can not use Apps from, so the number is something > then 5%. Google does not release...
Umm. iPhone 4 was #1 last quarter and 3GS was #2...both run the latest version of iOS 4 and can run 95% of the same apps. Many of these cheap Android phones can not even run 2.0 or even 10% of the same Apps...See above for real rankings last quarter. Samsung routinely releases misleading numbers. However, Your article doe not even name a single source.I found it pretty amusing.I agree with your bottom line, but disagree that Apple is #2 apps platform. This is not the...
Steve's a passionate guy, everyone at Apple knew what they were getting into. I can guarantee that if your reaction to that was anything other than, "I probably should," Apple would not be the best place for you to work.
I kind of enjoyed the free trial, but the interface needs some help. I would have subscribed had it simply remembered where I was when I exited. Background downloading would not have hurt either, but that is a tip that goes to all of the magazine publishers. Background download is in iOS, use it..
With similar experience, pilots of passenger airplanes make about he same as IT professionals. Some regional carriers underpay new first officers, but a lot of companies pay inexperienced it workers poorly as well. Keep in mind that pilots of passenger aircraft do not actually work that much, particularly when compared to the hours worked by low-level it workers. IT is not necessarily high-tech, but he pay sales are close enoug.
I assume they reassessed the kind of growth that was really happening in the Android market and realized that 99.99% of it will never generate any revenue. Their previous report saw growth in the Android market having the same impact on revenue as growth in the App Store, it clearly does not. This seems like a better comparison, but all of these analysts are just guessing.
Android could have 100x the Apps and their developers will still only be making about 10% of the money.
I think they will eliminate PC dependence soon, maybe even iOS 5. The filesystem limitation is a bit of an issue, they at least need a way for me to share files better between APPs. I can not sign a contract in Notetaker and then attach it as a reply to an email. Same is true for Pages, Numbers, etc. I can send a new email, I can even carefully duplicate the subject with a Re and kind of fake it. I should be able to click reply in mail and easily find the file I want...
There are new Android phones every couple weeks. Many or even most of them claim to be better then the iPhone.
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