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It is an dreaded that can be rooted to run iPhone apps, so I guess that makes it a tablet in Android land...
Actually I will argue that their premise that Android represents a single platform is also wrong in this case.. I had no problem with their prediction, only their description of Android as a single platform. It is not.
The issue is not what the OS is called, it is that there are massive incompatibilities. There were phones shipped in 2010 with Android 1.6 and will never be upgraded. Hardware capabilities are all over the map. The features of 2.2 are interesting, but no one who wants to reach an audience can develop to them. The only Denial are the people pretending that market share in it's current form means anything at all for android. No manufacturers combined Android sales exceed...
They should have used that. Could have saved Iconia for a cool product. Neat name, now it is ruined.
Never thought I would reach a point in my life when I would be rooting for the cable companies.
Adding the word replacement to the title might have helped
Garter is wrong, it is not desperate, it is true. The only thing that is desperate is the people still trying to pretend Android is one platform. In 2010, "Android" had s Marketshare advantage, yet only managed 100 million in App sales, without Apple blocking all the good apps people want.The App Store did 1.7 or 1.3 billion in sales, the difference is largely irrelevant given the gap. The ONLY thing platform market share impacts is developer Eco-system. Android is...
All Clorox employees are just delusional fanboys.
As was clearly explained by Epic yesterday, and echoed by other major developers in the past, Android can not be developed on as a single platform.
Which manufacture sells more Android phones than Apple sells iPhones, Maybe you should hold on .
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