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But, but, but..It's not OPEN!! *rollseyes*
If you watch any of the reviewers using the device, Honeycomb is a long way from ready to go, unless the Motorola hardware is just that terrible, I could go either way. It looks a little more responsive than the tab though, so that is good In what way is Android getting better? Fragmentation increases by the day. Google should have sued Samsung for releasing the Galaxy with 2.2. Fortunately it will not get anywhere in the market, but it is a very bad sign for the...
I am sure most of them will just wait...
This is the one reason I would go to Verizon. Unlimited data for the phone + capped tethering is fine. Why AT&T makes me give up my unlimited data to get tethering is beyond me..
It has been enabled for like a year...You seem rather confused...
He is actually a pretty obvious troll
I doubt it, the iPhone 4 is the #1 handset in the world by a fairly significant margin. Apple is in fact has a higher smartphone market share then any other manufacturer....
Am I the only one wondering why Lo cares about Apple and flash..
You say Apple "has told" and then link to a completely un-researched New York Times article that simply accepts Sony's claim at face value. Perhaps you should rethink that sentence. It did a good job of creating an uproar in a completely non-story story. Good Job. Unless you truly believe Apple plans on dropping their top 10 apps..
It became channel stuffing when they claimed it as "sales" and knew how it would be interpreted. Do you think they internally forecasted production on these sales figures?
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