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The iIPhone 4 was the number 1 selling phone in 2010 and still outsells every model of Android phone on the market. It has been out 8 months..Since all you android fans made the same claim when it was released, I assume it just doesn't matter. If you see a person holding a phone they purchased in the past 18 months, it is more likely an iPhone then anything else.Btw since you will now try to say something about app platform. If you see someone using third party app on...
I agree with your post, but frankie may not be American.
Neat. So the army will make an Android device that will also be completely incompatible witch all other Android devices (like about 1/3 to 1/2 the phones). Analysts and fans will happily tack another million on to the market share for the platform...
I agree too, for th magazines I actually read because they have reasonable subscription terms (Newsweek, Businessweek , and Popular Science), I wish they did not all have different apps. Business week has the best interface of the three. I would get wired if they had a reasonable price. I got the free issue last month. 4.99 an issue (or really anything over $15 a year) is never going to fly for a mass market monthly magazine.
I hope Google is successful. I actually do not believe Apple needs competition to innovate, but I do like having alternatives. There is no alternative to the iPhone now.
I am sure a big part of AT&Ts advantage in the quarter (besides time) is they can sell the 3GS for $49. It is absurd that people think selling 2.2 million phones in 7 weeks is some sort of failure. When you consider the phone has been on the market 7 months, it almost defies belief. There has not been a phone released in the past 7 months that has attracted more demand then the iPhone. It is likely still the most in demand phone on the market today.
Well my stalker would know that I have spent three days a week in Denver and 4 days a week home for the past few months. They would know where I go routinely in both places. So umm yeah might give them a leg up on figuring out where I am right now. Or at least finding my iOS Devices Did I mention how much I thought this was a non-story last year and now just think it is kind of cool because there is a neat program. (Although it could be snappier).
Every estimate for the ipad 1 was off by at least 100% (on the low side), I suspect there was quite a bit of over compensating going on. Apple created a new market, it will take the Analysts a while to figure it out. Supply issues show that Apple does not fully understand it yet. It is ok because none of their competitors have any clue at all.
My guess would be that it looked entirely different in 2006 and someone in Samsung manufacturing "shared" with their brethren and Samsung started redesigning the phone well before the iPhone announcement. This is not a tremendous logical leap...
I would actually like to have an amazon music store on my device. That is largely irrelevant to this case, but I can dream.I am not sure how Apple can lose this case. There is no particular behavior that is glaringly anti-competitive. I though all the browser crap against ms was stupid too, so what do I know. MS did some other things that were clearly anti-competitive (OEM Manipulation was the big one). But sound technical considerations that are made to enhance user...
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