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Because some idiot with a Dell sucks at cable management we can't have new product designs? If you want to make it like the old pro, stick it in a metal box and run all the wires there. Putting spinning disks in a separate enclosure is a much better thermal design, but if you like it the old way, the new pro is small enough to accommodate your desire.
Everyone here had th trash can thought pop I their head and chuckled a little. The people who keep repeating it are more than a little disturbed.
I get your point, but to be fair Apple collects about $10 million a year for ios developer accounts and they will pay out more than $5 billion to developer. Someone is actually making software.
I find the numbers suspect too, but if all of 100,000 developers allowed 10 people to load the beta, we would hit 1 million which is roughly the 1/500 point.
It was:It could have been more prominently featured.
What if you are building something that will take more than 5 years to bring to market? What if Apple's idea is to use this invention to augment a planned consol system that is still in development?Under your system, a company can just watch Apple's patent filings, copy the proposed invention, and hope Apke doesn't come to market by some completely arbitrary deadline. Your idea essentially eliminate patents.Your concern seems to be these products are on the market. ...
I know I responded to him too, but it is pretty clear he was just trolling. Know one can believe something that weird. As others have pointed out , essentially no phone meets his criteria and there are countless cases for every phone that meet his criteria. He will come back soon and claim sarcasm. No one will understand how it could have been (most likely because it actually wasn't), then we will all ignore it and move on.
Only on the 4&5 too. Earlier models couldn't. No smartphone from Samsung or HTC can. This is likely one of the weirdest complaints ever posted here. That is saying a lot.
More than 100 of 200 bought new phones in the past year..You believe that? No everyone is not lying, but he was clearly exaggerating significantly.
It is not free. It is advertiser supported....So we have no idea if they are actually smartphones or the android feature phones that have been popular in China for the past few years. Thanks for the clarification.
New Posts  All Forums: