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What's wrong with Beats music? The interface is as good or better than spotify. They have the same catalog as every other streaming service. I think their curated lists are just ok, but I suppose they are better than not having them at all.Haters gonna hate I suppose.
If half the posters here had your courage, this would be a much shorter thread.
Due diligence is an expensive undertaking for both companies. They will usually have an agreement based on an understanding of what they will find. Dre and company leaking the deal before due diligence happens shows they have never done anything like this before. The author that assumed they uncovered "unsettling" information has apparently never covered anything like this before. Deals almost always change during due diligence. Sellers try to put their best face...
I think a close reading of the paragraph Konqerror quoted shows the Author may (or may not) have thought they were the same thing as well. That paragraph is clearly gibberish. If you know the difference you can guess the author's intent. However, that does not reduce the level of gibberocity.The use of password in the first paragraph makes the unneeded switch from passcode to password in the last two sentences confusing. I knew what the author meant. What he wrote was...
The 12" ARM MBA will be wearable alla Flava Flav, hence, the Beats deal.
I look forward to his next post in 2026.
Well the thermostat has a large colorful screen. They are actually two different products....
Or even resend the message when you get the error indicating it could not be delivered. When you do that it asks to send as SMS. When I do that, it keeps sending as SMS. I am really not sure what the issue is here. There were no "lost" messages, only inattentive senders who failed to notice big red exclamation points.
Because all of those people got together and chose to be part of the class. Now they should all act like adults and live with their decision. No one forced any of those 64,000 people to be part of the class. Did any of them truly believed this would end in a 9 billion dollar payout they would share? If they did, they were delusional. If they did, they were never going to be poached anyway.
Judging from your previous post on the screws, it seems you are judging everything beats makes by your experience with a product line they took over from Monster. Should they have supported the screw issue better? Sure. Are all of their products poorly made? No.
New Posts  All Forums: