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I'm sure you wouldn't be saying that if it was Apple suing Lugz for the same infringement. -M
Your new iBook is not going to be obsolete in 3 years, well, at least not for the reasons you mentioned. In 3 years time, developers will be shipping 'fat' binaries which automatically run on both x86 and PPC based Macs. This means your iBook with a PPC chip will still run this new software just fine. On the other hand, in 3 years, your machine will be considered a tad slow and outdated. Any machine will. Think about it, 3 years ago at this time, the iBook was a...
It's a MiniMate with a hacked logo on top, very easy to do. Either way, it's just a MiniMate and not a product from Apple. -M
You people are Mac users? Really? The pic above is a Mini Mate, it has been out for a while now. http://www.micronet.com/General/minimate.asp -M
I run my PowerBook 12" 1.33Ghz with a 21" CRT monitor at 1600x1280 all day long. I don't notice any speed loss or sluggishness even when using Expose on 10-20+ windows. Of course, I don't play games on the external monitor though. I have played WC-III on the laptop screen and that works perfectly good. -M
My Powerbook 12" 1.33Ghz model does a resolution of 2048x1536x75hz at Millions of colors, so yes, the newer model should definitely be able to do at least the same or better. -M
Desktop Manager (http://wsmanager.sourceforge.net) is the best out right now. It's also free and open source. I've been using it for months now and have never had any problems. -M
http://www.muratnkonar.com/otherstuff/macbs2/ -M
No. The video controller is soldered to the motherboard, and cannot be upgraded. This is the case with almost all laptops, Apple, Dell, IBM, etc., unless the laptop is sold with an explicit feature of graphics upgradability. -M
I have a Dual 2Ghz G5 with 2.5Gigs of RAM and dual monitors. One at 1680x1050, the other at 1600x1024, both running off of one video card. The machine seems to be perfectly fast for me. It always runs very smooth. I sometimes do large Fink compiles in the background, I keep about 10-20 tabs open in Firefox and use Mail.app to manage 2 mail accounts with about 2gigs of email data. I keep about 6-10 applications open at all times, with 4(2) virtual desktops using Desktop...
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