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This is a policy that will prove to be totally counterproductive. The english public are already squeezed by years of "austerity" measures (though none sees the politicians taking pay cuts). Adding VAT to downloads of music and apps will simply mean people will buy less which, in turn, will put less money into the chancellors pocket... it will also mean that people will start downloading music illegally again which will, sadly, hurt the artists, authors and developers....
Not one new feature in this "new" app.. maybe the UK will catch up with the rest of the world in the fullness of time 
Just installed this "new" release on my ipad. All I get is the usual iphone app in 2X mode. I thought this was a new version ???
I have uninstalled this app from both my ipad and iphone. I does drain the battery thanks to it constantly checking the location of the device. Google should know better than to do this. The software should only do a location check when the user refreshes the app. 
Perhaps this case highlights the sometimes nonsensical English judicial system and the almost clueless judges who administer it. It also shows the absurdities in the Patent Law and its many and varied interpretations world wide. The fact that the judge described the iPad as "cool" and as such it could never be mistaken for the Galaxy Tab speaks volumes about the sound scientific and legal basis on which this judgement was based, namely very little I think.
Great news. Perhaps now Apple can go back to focussing on their exemplary customer service instead of being turned into a PC World/Dixons/Currys shambles. Well done Tim Cook!
No  Starbucks passbook in the UK either unless its a phased roll out ...
The RoaringApps compatibility list for Mountain Lion currently has Pages, Numbers and Keynote as not working correctly. As I use all of these apps every day I will wait to see if either a fix appears or even a new version before buying.
I would have thought the UK advertising standards people would be better of looking at the more than dubious advertising practices of some of our oversized overbearing monopolistic supermarket chains .. start with Tesco and work your way around the rest .. and after that have a go at all the other rip off merchants that seem to inhabit the UK!!
Here in the UK a large number of our telephone companies, cable providers, banks and utility companies outsource a large number of their functions to India. It has been proven to be a complete turn-off for customers and some of the smarter companies are relocating their call centres/support back to the UK. The standard of service from Indian call centres is incredibly varied and thats once you have got over the language barrier. Not a good move by Apple methinks.
New Posts  All Forums: