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Dixons and Currys represent amongst the worst shopping experiences the UK has to offer. Their staff seem to know very little and their reputation is not one to be proud of. Perhaps this chap wanted to escape the Dixons environment and is actually quite good at what he does .. but after years of living with Dixons and Currys I rather think not. Get your act together Apple!
Yet another example of how totally out of touch (and possibly self-deluded) the clergy (irrespective of religion) are. Perhaps Mr. Sacks should have focussed on the availability of religious manuscripts which can be read on the iPad by people with poor sight thanks to its "miraculous" ability to make the fonts bigger ? Having an iPad and iPhone and iMac has not made me an egocentric person as far I know, in fact I would say the opposite given the amount to time I spend...
I know the press have to have something to write about (and thus justify their existence) but I am finding this "mine is faster than yours" stuff becoming more and more tiresome. For me (donning flame proof underwear) as long as the devices does what I ask of it, in a reasonable timeframe, then what is there to be unhappy about ? I had a Nexus One but the whole Android/Google experience was not for me. I had no complaints about the hardware/software mix, it just was not...
The 5.0.1 update OTA to my iPhone 4 and iPad 1 went very smoothly. Now, however, when I copy text from, say Evernote, and try to paste it into iMessage or Mail there is no Paste option presented. Interestingly I am also unable to paste into Notes unless I create the text in Notes itself, then I can copy and paste within the Notes app. Can anyone else confirm this is the case ?
iOS4 needs, to make the iPad usable in my business, to enable wireless printing and access to network drives. I can only hope that someone at Apple has also figured out that these two items would sell a load more iPads
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