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Maybe the new iWhatever needs something smaller than iTunes to provide music for the masses that buy it. iTunes itself has gotten way to big for its britches.   Perhaps Apple needed Beats Music to offer as a music service with anybody interested.  Perhaps lower the price $ 5. or so.
   The Lawyer Bill for the Apple-Samsung trail just arrived. Apple realizes it is to big.  And the courts will continue keeping the amount owed to Apple small.   It would be even harder to collect from Google.
  That is definitely the case now.  But that could change with Apple doing something extraordinary with this new invention, (if it will do half the things they are saying it will do).   Present time, employers push for workers to do more at work.  And they care less if you are sleep deprived or completely exhausted because of keeping up with the work they pile on you.   Surely they make people think and feel that if they cannot "keep up" or "produce", there is always...
Apple is gonna eat their 'Launch'   (Lunch)
   This will just give their new CEO Elop an excuse to use his 'Platform is on Fire' speech all over again.   He will be a friggin genius.
  There has to be some importance in the fact that they specified "Desktop Class" 64 bit, Right?   (Sure Steve J. would have explained that a bit more.     Also, did the guy running the game at presentation say that it only took him 2 hours to port it to 64 bit himself?    So does that mean that all other apps will be a piece of cake to upgrade?
  Now we start seeing the REAL reason for the 2 different phones (5s & 5c).   There had to come a time when Apple realized that it would have to offer a Premium phone, one that can continually be sold at Premium price. (Not everyone would continue to afford or pay for that.  But there is till a great deal of people that will.)    At the same time, with Samsung, but especially Google, (that doesn't care much about how low they can take their phone prices down) they will...
  The biggest disappointment of the 5C being the price.   I think that is the amount agreed on by Apple and their biggest customer. Problem is that customer does not want to come on board until the beginning of the year, the talk is that they want to finalize some work on the 3G or 4G coverage.     You imagine how things would have gone if Apple would have priced that phone $100. less in China. Lot of China Mobiles customers would have bought their phone thru the other...
  The sad part is that both movies will not explain the importance of Job's efforts with NeXT and Pixar.   It is equally impressive what he did there.  Lee mentions that without NeXT it would have been difficult to make the Web. And how important has that become?   Also, Apple today would not be what it is without NeXT.   And with Pixar, we forget that Lucas was not able to make much out of that.  With the direction of Jobs, Pixar not only had a great run of movies...
Still can't understand why Apple doesn't get in talks with the studios and give Netflix a strong contender. 'Apple iFlix'.
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