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Still can't understand why Apple doesn't get in talks with the studios and give Netflix a strong contender. 'Apple iFlix'.
  Few generations later.     As we speak, right now supposedly the Internet has been redone.   The way we use the World Wide Web is so 20th Century. The money has been spent and right now a special few are using the NEW super improved Internet.        What am I referring to.       The GRID.    Everyone seems to forget that that is available to some scientists and universities, but only those that are involved with that CERN experiment.    All that advanced...
Wonder where Scott Forstal will end up.
That collaboration will be so very necesary to lead Apple into the new products it will need to pull away from Android.
  You have to appreciate what Cook is doing.    Most CEO's in his place would let things run their course and think that they would stay ahead of all other competitors (ex: Microsoft's Balmer).   And then realize that others were running past them.  But seeing what Cook has done just in a couple months, with the turmoil between the vice-pres. team.   It took a lot of guts to figure out, an implement a change to keep a certain innovation needed.  Of course Forstall...
Let the Designer hiring spree begin.
Going forward, it will be super important for colaboration to be done. The iPhones and iPads have shown what they can do. And with the stronger ARM chips making them more powerful and capable, it will be interesting to see the progress. BUT Those ARM chips will be available to Apple's competitors, so it will be hard for them to stay ahead of the pack. What needs to happen is Apple will have to come up with the next great thing. And with no spies from Google that will...
  Surely it has to do with how it will be used in connection to the new 'Radio' offering. Of course they will have to make that announcement in Nov. also.   But one way or another they would have to work together.   Does not make sense for 11 to launch and a month or two later another upgrade.
 One thing to keep in mind.  Ive might not be an engineer in any way.  But Jobs supposedly  wasn't one either.  But he did have something that made him different than most modern inventors or creator of modern tech.  He had a vision.   A while back I mentioned on another site that Microsoft needed someone new to come in and replace Balmer and all those clowns with a new visionary.  Especially with all that has changed in the phone/tablet market.  Well now that seems to...
Surely Ron Johnson will be available in a little while. Cook can have someone oversee the actual construction for now till that happens. But may as well offer Fadell a job also. They are gonna need all the good help they can get. Maybe even Scott Forstall will feel a little different once he gets a few months off. Especially if they were to offer him the same deal as Mansfield got for overseeing work.
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