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Actually these guys are not Pranksters. They are very zealous Microsoft employees. They took it real serious when CEO Ballmer ordered them in his best broken German. "We have to stay on top of Apple. We want to put our Stores as close as possible to them". They just ran out of options.
If what has been said is true. (That Apple will scan our iTunes libraries and have it available for us in the Clouds). This also means that Apple will have ways to scan our entire stuff. (Videos, Pictures, Files, Music, & Movies). But only if we give them permission to do so. It will take a lot of Trust. (I am trusting of them) But mainly because this would be Hugh. No more worries about where I have them stored. No more worries about not having enough capacity. ...
I still think Apple would do well if they used the Siri purchase to serve sorta like a Butler. A cooment earlier mentioned how beneficial it would be for the Calenders or Maps services to help ourselves remember all the many things we have going on in our daily lifes.
Apple would surely like to build out and only offer their map service exclusively. But I am sure that they have woken up to smell the Roses. The fact that so many People are worried about their location privacies, it kinda limits what Apple would want to give us in their new Maps The problem is, that anything they may want to offer, that would somehow outdo Google Maps would have to have location settings always on. Or at least when wanting to use the Map...
I use a Touch. Went to my daughter's house where she had an HP wireless printer. It worked like a charm. No computer needed. Just located the printer on the App.
Would not this be a true combination of the two OS systems. The Air would be the perfect machine to do the full Lion. Either way. Apple will continue looking for ways to separate themselves completely from all the others.
Gates seems to like Ballmer to much to let him go yet. They ought to try going the RIM way, and go dual CEO's for a trail run. Let Ballmer take care of the 'Cash Cows'. And get a good young prospect to run the competitive part. Maybe they could entice a Scott Forstall or someone like that.
What if Apple is trying out a new Clamshell form figure? Everybody else is going bigger. With a Dual Screen, Dual Core phone. And with J. Ive using that Liquid Metal for a real thin strong shape. Just my halve cent worth
I suggested this about five months ago. Many many people ( including myself) have never seen an iAd. Well may have gone dry for them at a time.
Called it a while back. Should be great for iTunes," I want some Beatles Greatest Hits." Can't wait for the IBM 'Watson' app.
New Posts  All Forums: