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Can anyone loan me $850.00 quick?
I believe that the only way Apple does a phone with a Slide Cover will be if they do the phone with that 'Liquid Metal' stuff. For that, they would Probably have to make their new A6 superchip do a whole lot more, in order to Keep the price of the thing close to where they could make some money on it. That will really separate them from the haves and have nots.
I called it a few months back. There is no reason for Apple to continue with their yearly release schedule. Other than everybody being so anxious to get their hands on the newest thing Apple. They have shown that they really don't have any REAL competition other than themselves. Sure we will have the new Android flavor of the month. But everybody is finally realizing that Google is no Apple. Sure they will have their 2 or 3 great Apps. But it is nowhere near...
I say 1,000,050
Alle should do the same as they did with FaceTime. Skype had been around for a while, but it was not up to Apple's standards. They should do the same regarding a new better Bluetooth type device that will work better and stronger.
Can someone PLEASE tell me that the new iTunes sharing thru WiFi, will also work for my non Intel Mini thru WiFi. We keep getting left behind.
Apple really needs to find a new Face and or Spokeman. We all know that S. Jobs' days of being that are probably over with. Out of all the bunch, I think Scott Forstall would be the best candidate. Of course the other guys can do some of the presenting. But at least for a couple of years, they need to have a New Main Guy.
Apple should also have a sticker on the box, "Ready for Lion". That would take the wind out of the Zoom's sales.
One thing for sure. Those days that Apple would announce a new Device or big upgrade like what the new iPad 2 will be, and have it go a month or two without being released have got to be over. With what is happening with the Verizon iPhone, (supposedly not selling as many). Seems to be a lot of people know that iPhone 5 is soon to appear. A lot of people seem to be sitting on the fence and waiting.
I am thinking that Apple is gonna remake SIRI's function. Right now it is supposedly made to recommend food and stuff. I am sure that Jobs & Co. said why stop there. Not everyone goes out to eat, and most nowadays will go to McDonalds. Now Music and General Commands almost all 'i' users will need. Especially if Apple would want to minimize the size of an iPhone for example. I think this is what will happen. You'll have the 'new SIRI' on at your...
New Posts  All Forums: