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I say 1,000,050
Alle should do the same as they did with FaceTime. Skype had been around for a while, but it was not up to Apple's standards. They should do the same regarding a new better Bluetooth type device that will work better and stronger.
Can someone PLEASE tell me that the new iTunes sharing thru WiFi, will also work for my non Intel Mini thru WiFi. We keep getting left behind.
Apple really needs to find a new Face and or Spokeman. We all know that S. Jobs' days of being that are probably over with. Out of all the bunch, I think Scott Forstall would be the best candidate. Of course the other guys can do some of the presenting. But at least for a couple of years, they need to have a New Main Guy.
Apple should also have a sticker on the box, "Ready for Lion". That would take the wind out of the Zoom's sales.
One thing for sure. Those days that Apple would announce a new Device or big upgrade like what the new iPad 2 will be, and have it go a month or two without being released have got to be over. With what is happening with the Verizon iPhone, (supposedly not selling as many). Seems to be a lot of people know that iPhone 5 is soon to appear. A lot of people seem to be sitting on the fence and waiting.
I am thinking that Apple is gonna remake SIRI's function. Right now it is supposedly made to recommend food and stuff. I am sure that Jobs & Co. said why stop there. Not everyone goes out to eat, and most nowadays will go to McDonalds. Now Music and General Commands almost all 'i' users will need. Especially if Apple would want to minimize the size of an iPhone for example. I think this is what will happen. You'll have the 'new SIRI' on at your...
More & more Apple will be doing this or depending on other surveys to give us everything we want. That shows two things. There are a lot of people that are purchasing Apple products. But there will be an even bigger crowd getting on board. Also, their 'Guiding Light', Steve Jobs has a lot of things he wants to get done before he finds himself slowing down because of his sicknesses. I am sure that he used to pay a lot of attention to everything that was being...
"They want to kill our phone. We won't let them". Think I read these words somewhere. Thats exactly why Apple has to do this. And it is more important on the phone than on the iPad. Apple wants so bad to give us the very best phone experience. But it will naturally cost a little bit more than the other guys. (You've read before how a BMW will cost more than a Chevy). But Android and even Nokia/Microsoft and all the others will claim that their phone is at...
Something will have to give. Apple is in a new Frontier. Things have not been done this way yet. I am sure the ads being done are better than what was done prior. But Apple does not have enough eyeballs seeing them yet. That will also be the case for the papers and magazines coming onboard. Either Apple will have to sacrifice a little and let these people see some better money, or all the other Googles of the world will undercut them. Apple is making...
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