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I bet the month will not go by before Apple announces that iPhone 5 will not be coming on the normal date. You can be sure that it would be unacceptable to Verizon if ATT would get their version a few months before them. And Apple would surely not make a new Verizon model that would only sell for a few months. Other than the people screaming for it to come on the anniversary as always. Apple has time. No competitors will outdo them in 6 or 8 months time.
I wonder if Apple really is only waiting for a Patent approval for something or another to open up that Data Farm?
Answer: Under SubHeading: NEEDS & REQUISITES for HP Capable Individual to push HP over the Top and Compete with Apple Inc. Watson? Who is any former Apple Executive?
Wish these people would make up their mind. Its either selling UNITS, or actual phones. Which Android sold none. Samsung, HTC, Motorola and those guys sold units. They throw Android in there for no reason. They would be lumped in with Platform or Mobile OS instead.
Apple right now is in the perfect place. The Driver's Seat in the Caravan of mobile phones. Android seems to be getting all the attention, but of course they are racing of road. The manufacturers (Samsung, Motorola, etc.). Are getting some money. Uncle Buck might be sticking a sticker on the hood of those cars (giving Google) a little bit of advertsing money. They are happy. Out in the woods they are more famous than Apple. Nokia meanwhile is racing in the...
I am thinking that Apple will on purpose miss out on the release of iPhone5. With Verizon just now coming on. The new white phone seeming to be ready to come out. The new iPad surely coming out inthe next few months. And the Data Farm finally being unveiled. But especially the fact that all of Apple's competitors showing the hand, and not really holding anything compelling. There really is no reason for Apple to keep that date of anniversary. Let the very...
I think this would be a great idea, but only as an optional device. Bluetooth would be great. I can see several uses for it. I am sure you can buy something out there now, but I am sure that Apple can do it better. Imagine spending some time out with the family; A camping trip. You can probably find a plug to recharge your device and iphone or touch, (you really don't want to take your laptop out there). But you could load up on 2 or 3 Disney movies. You hang up...
You can't really think that Schmidt is very happy the way things seem at the present moment. Yeah everyone is gonna say the correct thing. They don't want things to show what is really going on. If I would guess, the conversation went sort of like this: Page:"Hey Eric, things are starting to go a little south recently. Don't get me and Brin wrong, we are making tons of money, and Android is doing great. You have done a great job." Schmidt:"So what's the...
I called it last week. Page and Brin realize that they need to stay a close friend to their close friend S. Jobs. They seem to be regarded as the bad guy recently. That cannot be a good thing. Also, they are a little worried that Apple will befriend a Facebook or someone else. And also start doing a lot of what they use Google inhouse.
Anyone can download an Alarm Clock app. Lots of them are free. Apple has got a lot on their plate right now.
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