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It would be great if eventually iAds became more visible to more people. Now that iOS is gonna merge with OSX, it will become available for people using their PC's and ATV. A lot of ads on TV are really crappy. BUT. There are a few that are ptetty good. Some are more appealing than the actual shows. If Apple can do some nice stuff. I think a lot of people will like the change.
I think that Apple hooking up with Twitter is a better fit for Apple. Eventually FaceBook will also come to its senses and allow Ping. But, I have a queasy feeling in my stomach that FaceBook will be an eventual nightmare for a lot of its competitors. Google had better be careful. Sure they are doing really well with Android. BUT. there does not seem to be any profits for them there. They already have to watch there back with Verizon wanting to put a...
People seem to fault Mr. Papermaster for 'AntennaGate'. I think he would also have been responsable for the White iPhone problems. Also, there seems to be a big problem with the production process. Not enough iPhones and iPads to make possible better sales. I am not sure if he was still around then. But these things have to take awhile to set up. Just my 1 cent worth.
The big problem with these Publishers. Is that they want to choose for you. They want to control your decision If you want to have this stuff thrown on your face. That you are not able to opt out of any solicitation. That is what S.Jobs wants to make possible for us. He knows that the Publishers will always want to have us handcuffed to the way things have always been done. To bad. The Google's and Microsoft's, even the FaceBooks of the world will surrender...
I think I heard the groaning from Canada all the way down here in Florida.
Thanks for clearing things up. For me at least.
I don't get it. Supposedly the iPhone is not capable of working with T-Mobile because the frequency is not in the phones chip. What do the Jailbreakers or T-Mobile do to make them work?
It would be great if Apple and the big 4 could get along here. Once that new Verizon compatible phone becomes a reality, it shouldn't be to hard for Apple to be useable in all 4 carriers. They have to start somewhere, if they really plan on making this a truly Universal one size fits all phone. One thing about FaceTime. You figure if it ever becomes 3G or 4G capable. Somebody will have to pay for all those minutes you use it that way. I think that will...
I don't know. "Really?" I kinda think they did a better job than Microsoft. "Really?" Kinda understood the message a little bit better. "Really?" At least it didn't hurt my eyes. "Really?"
I tried getting Google's attention with something a little bit different. But it was in line with something being discussed here. (Matter of fact, I even mailed a letter to Apple Cupertino, with the idea of them getting together with Apple England). I suggested that they could open up Studios in the bigger cities where they could have new acts or existing have-beens, record their music for a price. Then they could offer it up on iTunes for a specific time. If...
New Posts  All Forums: