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  This is sort of expected.  Things had changed at Apple from the time S. Jobs had to make a very serious decision about Jony Ive.   You have to believe that there were some butting of heads between Ive and Forstall.   Jobs surely thought that since Scott had been his right hand man for so long, he would always be there.  Perhaps thinking that even after his death, perhaps Forstall would feel about Apple the same way Jobs had felt.  He probably wanted to.   But when the...
In the long run, Google and Amazon still have a leg up on Apple due to the fact that they can almost give away their tablet and still make some money in the long run. That will always be the case until Apple does something a little different. They tried with the iAd thing to somewhat compete with Google with the Ad money. That did not work. They really have no solution in place yet to compete with Amazon, YET. With time, that will continue to wash away profits. ...
'The Crazy Ones' really only applied to the older employees of Apple. They went completely against the grain. Now that the 'true' Crazy One (Steve Jobs) is gone. That term just doesn't seem to apply anymore. It is 'Business' now.
Apple might be making a ton more money and be different than most companies to a certain extent. But it will never be the same without S. Jobs. It will seem like its coasting along fine with the iPhones and iPads for a few more years (5 or 6). And people around the globe will marvel at the new Headquarters when its finished. But the new products that need to come out, to make Apple the innovator that it has proved to be will suffer. There will be the butting of heads...
Probably an agreement to make Google Maps at least as an option for another year.
The iBooks Author will make it possible to have the mew textbooks that will completely overhaul the way kids are taught in schools. That will make it so much interesting for any kids and of course change the way some teachers teach. But for all that to happen, and to see the real explosion in education use, Apple will probably have to offer the new iPad Mini with a starting memory of at least 32 gigs to make room for the books needed. And keep the price at $300. The...
Or Apple could offer their own version of the new 'Apple American Express Card'. Set that up with the new Passbook app. No more money needed.
 Can't wait to see Amazon's patent for this.    I hear Bezos wants mini airbags for his idea.
Everybody seems to be forgetting the school market. You do not really need the retina display there. They could just add more memory for all those interactive books. Price it at $250. with a discount for students. Apple will have that market all to themselves. After some studies come out of those school districtrs are doing so much better to keep the attention span of the kids, this segment will EXPLODE.
Would not doubt that Apple has their eye on where things are heading with so many appliance or home use possible. I think this will result in some kind of arrangement with T. Fadell (Nest) to branch off and come up with more ideas with a little help from Apple's imagineers.
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