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Apple is just making room for that WiFi chip. Today should be a very important day for WiFi availability for the U.S. Small iPods are the only thing that don't have WiFi yet.
This new Netflix experiment in Canada. Might it just be a prelude of what Netflix has in store for the U.S. market. Give me the new AppleTV & Netflix streaming only for $6.00-$7.00. Would be great.
Still cannot see Apple and Verizon being able to get along. Maybe by the time LTE gets going, Verizon might let Steve Jobs have his way. But not now. I would think Apple will come up with the compatible phone. But they will put it out only to whomever goes the Apple Way or the Highway.
Seeing those words on the Rovi site, ' Advertise in your Guide '. I'm thinking that Apple is gonna use this just for that. They can just have some ads done by iAds and make the adver- tisers pay to make it possible to see some first run content. What's the difference in having some entertaining ads. Apple knows very well that the networks won't let us see all their hit shows without somebody paying for it. And AppleTV will not be able to compete and...
I know what Netflix has to offer. Anyone know if it ever will be possible for Redbox to offer their wares for the AppleTV anytime soon @ .99?
The way I see it. The graph will continue going the same direction until all the other iPad competitors come out. Just in the same way as iPhone users held up from buying the old phone, (they already new pretty much what was coming up a few weeks earlier.) The same thing is happening with the Netbooks or Notebooks that would be selling now. Why buy? Any smart buyer would wait to see what the new Wannabees have to offer. I get a feeling that everything they...
Probably the wrong place for this But it would be great if somehow in YouTube there would be something where voting really meant something. Take for example if a singer or performer could do his own song. A new group can play their very own song. But they would have to deposit something in order to receive votes on there performance. At the end of a month or whatever. The winner or winners keep something. Look at how many American Idols, or Americas Got Talent...
For all the many people that will be ticked off with Apple if they do come up with the new iPad with a camera. Could Apple just not make a connector with front and rear camera that could perhaps swivel. Sell it at $25.00-$35.00. They already have the camera connector kit.
Thanks for the response. The reason I asked, is because even though Facetime makes the best video-phone possible. The smaller iPods could also be used as the best communication tool. Especially for groups or families. Not everyone needs a camera to see who they are talking with. Heck, I am sure a good portion of the Facetime calls will be Faceless. But it will still be the best possible phone (FREE). We all know that the day of available WiFi, or Wimax, will...
Can I ask somebody smart a dumb question? All the things that make Facetime work on the new touch or iPhone. Will they only work with the new hardware? Or is it something that could work on all the old iPods and iPhones?
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