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 Can't wait to see Amazon's patent for this.    I hear Bezos wants mini airbags for his idea.
Everybody seems to be forgetting the school market. You do not really need the retina display there. They could just add more memory for all those interactive books. Price it at $250. with a discount for students. Apple will have that market all to themselves. After some studies come out of those school districtrs are doing so much better to keep the attention span of the kids, this segment will EXPLODE.
Would not doubt that Apple has their eye on where things are heading with so many appliance or home use possible. I think this will result in some kind of arrangement with T. Fadell (Nest) to branch off and come up with more ideas with a little help from Apple's imagineers.
The best place for this 7" iPad would be if Apple customized it a little bit for the school kids. It has been mentioned that the current memory would be to expensive for most typical kids because they would probably have to purchase the 64 Gigs for all the virtual books needed. Apple could put a smaller battery (only on this dedicated model), since kids don't need more than 7-8 hrs of battery life. They would also not need the most sophisticated cameras since the...
Apple is gonna go this route and make Bluetooth eyeglasses. Perhaps letting that Nest maker guy do the actual glasses. Got a feeling that those Google glasses are gonna be popular with a certain crowd.
Rimm should try following the leader for a last ditch effort. Instead of trying to go big and smart, they ought to try to go small and dumb. Apple did that when they almost went under. They came out with the simple (or what some thought) iPod. That is what really saved them, and got them back on track. I believe Rimm started as a pager company. That, I believe is the direction they ought to take. Everybody seems to be in a hurry to be the smartest. Believe...
I think this is great news. Probably most if not all the crowd here will considerate a joke. Borrowing part of a line from that Pixar Rat film, "Anyone can Cook". 99% of us mortals will never be able to code, but a much bigger number can have decent ideas. This help from Apple will help those out with some type of idea that might have a chance of success. Not that it could be a finished product by any measure. BUT, what it could do. It would allow us non-doers to...
Is there any possible way for Apple to go thru the skies for coverage in the near future? Lightsquare seemed to have a good idea. But I don't think they had the Smarts to get it done. You would think Apple has the funds to launch as many satelites needed.
Baby Steps exactly. One big difference is that with the iPad, iTouch & iPhones, having them with them 24/7. These young minds will be miles ahead of any generations. Its not really Apple's fault, but they will be the ones that will move the needle more than any other. For Good and maybe for some unknown Bad. We are in for a wild ride
Of course any kids or schools will show improvements whenever they incorporate iPads and these new textbooks in their classes. It is new, it is technology, it is exciting. It would be easy to engage yourself and get the work done. Getting better grades. BUT. What will happen in a couple of years or so. By then, it will be very hard to keep kids heads in their school work. Some kids will start using this technology for different purposes. Looking for ways...
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