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That would be Advertisement related. Apple will probably announce some kind of arrangement that they have reached with the Carriers. This could be for Music, but most important for how they will get the approval Ad Wise from the TV guys.
Is it because I only read AppleInsider and similar sites. Or do other phone manufacturers actually care about 'Patent' actual good ideas to put on their phones? I know that in Samsung and HTC 's case they just copy. But is there anybody else innovating?
That is why Apple is closing the door on the copyist. Anobit purchase will make it possible for some gain there. Same with Siri. Also, if Ive can work his Magic with a different form factor out LM. It should be hard for others to copy that. Even if the Courts are not doing their jobs.
The way things are looking in the Patent Courts or even in the ITC, they really are not going to do much to Stop or Slow down Android. Don't even think that Oracle's case against them will do it. Even though they have a lot of ammunition to use against Google. It will probably be a billion slap on the wrist again. (a lot of money yes, but for Google no). They are not about to put a stop against the only real competition that Apple has at the moment. But I...
There was no way that Sony or even Samsung could compete with Apple. They both spend millions on R&D. Always trying to outdo the other guy. Apple's approach, or better yet S. Jobs approach. Let the whole company (Apple) continue making tons of money doing what they have been doing (iPhones, iPads, etc.). While Jobs put their whole R&D department to work on a better more simple solution. Of course that consisted of Steve Jobs taking walks and finding out...
Can someone help a guy out. Trying to understand iCloud a little bit better. Does Apple also offer iCloud as a storage for my Photos, Data & Music? I know that it will show up on other iPads, iMacs & iPhones. But at present time only have my trusted 4th Gen iPod Touch. I want to be able to send up stuff to the cloud to store. Free up some space on my Touch, but still have it within reach thru iCloud. Will that be possible? (Or accepting iPad or...
I hear Google is offering IBM $20 Billion to buy 'Watson'.
If this is causing Apple so much Headaches to get it right. What are the chances of all the Other guys ever getting it right? This and all of what Apple is trying to do with all this iCloud stuff is pretty amazing stuff. (If they can perfect it themselves)
How could they not sell well. A poor man's iPad. Sure Amazon is targeting purchasers for their market. But they are also giving out enough for simple interests. They will have an Internet connection. Okay so they need WiFi. There are quite a few places that have free WiFi. McDonalds won't bother you if you hang out there. Plenty of Libraries out there. Amazon has Music, Movie, and also they have their very own Android App Store (simplified) And with...
Today. (oops)
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