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If this is causing Apple so much Headaches to get it right. What are the chances of all the Other guys ever getting it right? This and all of what Apple is trying to do with all this iCloud stuff is pretty amazing stuff. (If they can perfect it themselves)
How could they not sell well. A poor man's iPad. Sure Amazon is targeting purchasers for their market. But they are also giving out enough for simple interests. They will have an Internet connection. Okay so they need WiFi. There are quite a few places that have free WiFi. McDonalds won't bother you if you hang out there. Plenty of Libraries out there. Amazon has Music, Movie, and also they have their very own Android App Store (simplified) And with...
Today. (oops)
There would probably not even be an Apple, if not for NeXT.
The one would be, the chip that will finally make the iPhone the one true '1 World Phone'.
Apple's stock will rocket toward $500. once China Mobile signs on the dotted line.
The small auditorium will not have room for everyone. Don't think Mr. S. Jobs will be present. He could probably be on the other side of the world. That way they could show of their iMessage and all the other 'Goodies'.
I hear 'Touch in Multiple Places' is still available.
What if Apple has put in the capacity to run 4G. They would have their own auditorium all ready to display that. Of course that way they will open it up to the general public as soon as it is more readily available. That way they could clip the wings on all these 4G capable phones that are being introduced now. Apple could basically say, "We are capable now. But Verizon and ATT are not quite there yet".
I said it before. Apple will surely keep both the iPad and iPhone on at least a 18-24 month refresh cycle. They will have to many customers, and way to many phones and pads to produce to keep it a yearly cycle. They really don't have any competition that could catch up to them as far as what counts. MONEY. Sure Android, Microsoft, etc.. will continue to make great efforts. But no way can they innovate like Apple. They will continue to struggle. It is not...
New Posts  All Forums: