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The small auditorium will not have room for everyone. Don't think Mr. S. Jobs will be present. He could probably be on the other side of the world. That way they could show of their iMessage and all the other 'Goodies'.
I hear 'Touch in Multiple Places' is still available.
What if Apple has put in the capacity to run 4G. They would have their own auditorium all ready to display that. Of course that way they will open it up to the general public as soon as it is more readily available. That way they could clip the wings on all these 4G capable phones that are being introduced now. Apple could basically say, "We are capable now. But Verizon and ATT are not quite there yet".
I said it before. Apple will surely keep both the iPad and iPhone on at least a 18-24 month refresh cycle. They will have to many customers, and way to many phones and pads to produce to keep it a yearly cycle. They really don't have any competition that could catch up to them as far as what counts. MONEY. Sure Android, Microsoft, etc.. will continue to make great efforts. But no way can they innovate like Apple. They will continue to struggle. It is not...
That is why I think Sprint coming onboard with the iPhone will shake up things They will continue pushing the other guys lower
It would only be fitting if that one would look like a SpaceShip taking off.
If Apple has problems in the courts defending 'App Store", even after Salesforce said they gave them that trademark. Who would believe that Rim won't be able to block 'WebKit'.
I am thinking that with so much variation on the leaks up to date, that this is probably Tim Cook's first major decision being executed. Jobs first and foremost rule was probably utter secrecy. With as much rumors coming out, and with either fake cases and/or spare parts, Cook probably decided. You can't stop them from looking, but give them false leads instead and that will feed the monster. That is even better than before.
Add more storage of course. But make sure to add a hookup to those Red Yellow & White things.
It wouls do Apple good for the higher-ups to keep an eye on this kid. I would even say that it would be good for Steve Jobs to keep an eye on him, now that he has more time for himself. Of course, first they would want to see that he is disciplined and can understand how he can do it the right way. People like this would have to remind Jobs of his young self. The curiosity of just being able to do things that others cannot do. But most importantly the unique...
New Posts  All Forums: