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More than likely that Wall Street article may have been off. But it probably stuck in Jobs mind, that why not now. It was bound to happen sooner than later. All the battles that Apple is fighting against all comers seem to be in Apple's favor. He surely is aware of all that is about to happen regarding perhaps China Mobile, Sprint an other carriers coming on board. The new transitional product about to be unleashed. iPhone 5 being the one to rule all phones. ...
If it is. I bet it would have something to do with that LiquidMetal stuff. Once Apple uses that type of built. It will be almost impossible for other competitors to follow suit. They still have not been able to do the aluminum enclosures yet.
"Burning Platform For Sale"
Thinking Lenovo ought to offer HP 100 million or less to buy WebOS. They could then just build a Tablet specifically for the Chinese market. Stop trying to take on Apple on the world market and look for a gigantic niche market. Think outside the box.
Is it possible that Apple could make it possible for the ATV to be able to physically hookup to an external hard drive and used sort of like a Time Machine storage. Reason I ask is. I have an iPod Touch, I would like to get an iPad 3. We will soon have iCloud. But some of that will only store stuff for 30 days. I just need a wireless storage dump to save everything I need. Can't see the day where I could afford an iMac or bigger notebook. Even then, storage would...
St least for Apple. Whats gonna happen when China Mobile comes on board. If Samsung is shut out of Europe and elsewhere. Also, HTC might start giving up on Android Android might have to look a little different to the others if Oracle gets their way. HP/Palm are going down in flames. Microsoft/Nokia will probably only have one shot to prove themselves capable.
I would not doubt that the date change might also involve China Mobile wanting the announcement to involve them in the new rollout.
More than anything. I think Apple realizes how intimidated Samsung's CEO has become. They (Apple) just want to make sure he stands up to his word as far as not copying their products.
Now it seems that Nokia's Elop turned out to be a friggin' genius. This is getting to be better than the Soap Operas. "As The (Tech) World Turns". Can't wait for the next episode.
New Posts  All Forums: