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Google probably did buy Moto for their patents. But this surely will not hold up Apple one bit. If the patents were being infringed Motorola is trying hard to stick it to Apple in the courts now. Maybe Google has better Lawyers. More than anything. Once the Samsungs and HTC's start jumping ship to Microsoft, this will give Google one company that is their very own. All in all, the biggest losers will be Google. That is one big chunk of change.
The BIG problem for these other guys. Is that the bad things are just gonna get worst. Apple has also learned how to build this products and sell them at a comparatively low price. What will happen if they come up with that lowered price phone. The other guys will find it harder and harder to compete.
That Kodak thing will get resolved later. More important. How is it possible that Apple's stock price drops $7.00 plus at the beginning of any day. They seem to be the only company out there that has a very solid plan in place. That have all their products selling as fast as produced. Surely there are are a few powerful people out there that are manipulating the system and the buyers in order for them to make a whole lot of money. Apple should be up...
This must be the reason Sprint has hedged their bet with LightSquared. It's probably a long shot. But I for one hope that it will work. Verizon really is not a group you want leading the charge into the future.
Sure we will hear that Samsung has already thought of this. Dang you Apple! You copy everything! (NOT)
You have to believe that Apple has a GREAT 10 year plan in place that should keep them on these upward pattern probably till then. Sure something drastic could happen, (S. Jobs being lost in one way or another). But the plan would still stay in place regardless. Can't really see anybody out there that could outsmart Apple and have them retract in any way, (still 10 years is a ways out). But as far as Exxon. What could the next 10 years bring? A lot of...
The people that really should start worrying a little bit, should really be the carriers. Once people keep using this types of service they can do with less and less phone minutes. Also if Google's Android works out with Apple a deal. Android gets FaceTime, and Apple can have the Navigation App. That would connect an awful lot of users there.
I am kinda thinking that Apple is gonna start slowing down their new phones, pads and even Macs to a two year release cycle. That is after this years release. It is very obvious that it is a whole lot harder to copy Apple's products than most companies thought, other than an obvious copy (cough, Samsung). And once Apple finally gets the courts to protect their Patents, there will be no way to beat them. Also, Apple still has a lot of stuff up their sleeves. It...
Just wondering. I know that Google employees are allowed to work about 20% of their company time on different projects of their liking. Some of those come out to be neat stuff. But how does it work for Apple employees? Recently, there has been a ton of very interesting ideas being patented. I am sure that as great as S. Jobs brain is. He can't be the directing spirit here. Anyone know how these projects come about? Appreciate anyone's comments.
The really only solution the other guys have in competing with Apple today. They ought to do a Wade, James & Bosh deal. Amazon, Microsoft, Google, Dell, HP, Nokia, Samsung and all the other guys should call a secret meeting, pool their funds together and buy out Apple. That might be the cheapest route. But they better hurry.
New Posts  All Forums: