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Of course they shoul add a Thunderbolt plug. It is about time that we started seeing some type of Pico projectors also, for a real nice presentation.
Bit of topic. But could anybody please explain why it is taking SO long for HP to get into the Tablet Wars. I can understand that they are trying to get it right. But man they have had all the Palm smarts and engineers for about two long years. And I personally think that the Palm OS was the closest thing to iOS.
I think it would be a good idea for Apple to consider making WiFi available for Cupertino. It will no doubt be a big undertaking. But they could at least draw up what it would require, and provide the needed equipment. They could then have a separate company do the actual work. Of course it would be abig expense to them. But it would be a huge gift to the city that everyone associates Apple with. Maybe they would be given some kind of Tax relief. Seem to...
Just wondering. How is it possible for Microsoft with their XBox liveto be able to have 2 players so far apart. They are able to play a fast moving game together. Why is it so hard for Apple to make this happen with 1 or 2 players in the same room? Also, they would have to make it work with an iPod Touch as a controller.
What ever happen to all that White Space noise we heard a while ago? I am sure that Microsoft, Google and all the rest that were making all the noise did not have the courage to open up the airwaves. Apple is really the only one who will go against the establishment.
I can't really understand some of the griping about the family plans and the extra cost incurred. You would think that this is ghe greatest thing for a family with around 10 Apple devices. Sure if the kids all have their own C.Cards, let them do their own individual thing and account. But for a family with younger kids that they actually want to keep an eye on what they get into. Gather up all the music possible and get it on that $25.00 plan. Just put...
Actually these guys are not Pranksters. They are very zealous Microsoft employees. They took it real serious when CEO Ballmer ordered them in his best broken German. "We have to stay on top of Apple. We want to put our Stores as close as possible to them". They just ran out of options.
If what has been said is true. (That Apple will scan our iTunes libraries and have it available for us in the Clouds). This also means that Apple will have ways to scan our entire stuff. (Videos, Pictures, Files, Music, & Movies). But only if we give them permission to do so. It will take a lot of Trust. (I am trusting of them) But mainly because this would be Hugh. No more worries about where I have them stored. No more worries about not having enough capacity. ...
I still think Apple would do well if they used the Siri purchase to serve sorta like a Butler. A cooment earlier mentioned how beneficial it would be for the Calenders or Maps services to help ourselves remember all the many things we have going on in our daily lifes.
Apple would surely like to build out and only offer their map service exclusively. But I am sure that they have woken up to smell the Roses. The fact that so many People are worried about their location privacies, it kinda limits what Apple would want to give us in their new Maps The problem is, that anything they may want to offer, that would somehow outdo Google Maps would have to have location settings always on. Or at least when wanting to use the Map...
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