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This.  And again, Apple never advertised their products to be compatible with Real’s services and are under no obligation to support competing services.   Somebody mentioned game consoles.  Back in the day, Nintendo (and I think every other cartridge based system) incorporated a physical lockout chip that prevented non-Nintendo licensed games from running on their consoles.  Some companies did manage to work around Nintendo (I think they were sued too) and Nintendo changed...
Exactly.  At no time did Apple adverse nor guarantee compatibility with Real’s DRM.  Apple in fact explicitly said that their updates could break this.  It remiss me of what Palm did with their Pre - they tried to convince iTunes that it was an iPhone so that the device could sync with the Pre.  They tried to fight it and the USB org shot them down (Palm hacked the USB ID to make their devices appear as iPhones).   Apple at no time advertised their devices as compatible...
Also available as a perpetual license right from Adobe’s website. https://www.adobe.com/cart.html?marketSegment=COM&# The boxed license is en of Life but so was the box of CS6.  I think the only way to get that was from Adobe too.
I guess it’s a good thing that Apple isn’t requiring that you use them.  They are just asking that you compile with the latest Xcode which contains the new frameworks.  The design philosophies are not mandated that you have to use them.  They are 100% optional.   Apple just wants your app to be coded for iOS 7 specifically (and not exclusively I should point out) by compiling in the latest version of Xcode.  They are not requiring anything else.  If you want to make...
HIG is not a requirement for developers.  It’s just a guideline for what Apple considers good practice.  The only requirement is that it has to be done in Xcode 5 which would involve under the hood changes - visual changes are solely up to the developer. As you point out, they can easily check for this. There is no enforcement of HIG, no 64 bit requirement.  You just need to use the latest tools to develop.  Your app can look 100% as it did before.
These guys are using the same electronic methods that credit cards companies use when they do other forms of electronic transmission.  I would imagine that unless your email account is totally hacked, you are pretty safe.   I found this.  Seems like everything is encrypted and they will text the sender every single time.  They also have really good fraud detection overall.   Their biggest recommendation is to use an email service that offers 2 factor authentication, but...
 Last I heard, it has been profitable for a couple of years now.  
 Well he is wrong - you couldn't have gotten it months ago, but I doubt he is a paying dev or part of Apple Seed so wherever he got it, we won't be able to talk about it here.
There is absolutely no precedent to suggest that they will just give it away for free.  Cheap (about 20 bucks)? Sure.  Free?  Forget it.
I don't get this...  On the mac, there are no box makers since everything is made by Apple - there are no other box makers.
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