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While FileMaker Inc is indeed owned by Apple, My understanding is that it is operated independently from Apple.  In other worlds, Apple didn't kill Bento and that wasn't their decision to do so.  They are so separate, that Apple never included it in iWork because it is treated as a separate entity.     Simply put, Apple Likes FileMaker as it's own thing and doesn't want to brand them as Apple products.
Right from their own page:  
You mean like how legally you have to be a paid developer (or be associated with a developer - say one who legally provides it for testing of an app) in order to obtain it?  The one that is also covered by NDA too?  (Trust me, I have gotten Apple Beta software and I have had to sign such an NDA)   They do not offer it to every Joe Blow.  It's targeted to developers who need to have access to these things to test their own software and Apple's software.
Not to mention that companies like Kwikset and the like have come up with lots of innovations to guard against bumping and other forms of forced entry directly.  Obviously there is no way it will ever be 100% foolproof, but they do pair this with their latest hardware (example).     But obviously when they talk about military grade they are referring to the software to guard against external attempts to unlock your door illicitly.  The hardware it is paired against...
i wouldn't take anything from a sample of 5 to mean much of anything.  Its almost exactly what I would all anecdotal.
Until Apple themselves says that there is a schedule to actually delay, there is no factual basis to the term "behind schedule" and iOS 7 or whatever.  Apple hasn't  announced anything, much less a date.  Until an actual date is announced, nothing is "delayed"
And Adobe would sell off their best assets because?  The issues that prosumers have with Apple are not going to be resolved by purchasing part of Adobe.  In fact it would be a disaster for the software since about 50% of Adobe's user base is based on Windows and I am sure none of them would like it.   It would be a total waste of money.  Adobe is a very different company than Apple is.
Not directly.  But by saying that Apple should be asked implies that they have an answer - they don't have one because they don't have an app so he is wrong.  They would need to ask Google.     Schmidt could have been much more accurate by saying "I don't have a precise answer since one is still in development (which I assume one is).  We also don't know how long Apple's App approval process will take so there is that."   He could have been far more accurate and made the...
The World Wildlife Foundation started about 1961 - long before the World Wrestling Federation changed their name in the 70's.  Doesn't mater how long you use it, it's who get it first.
That's not what I meant.  Square customers only have an ancillary relationship with Apple at best.  Besides getting the app (which is free) and buying an iPhone. they don't have any other real tangible link to Apple.  Heck, now with Android support, they don't need to be Apple customers at all.   Square itself is fairly independent from Apple and it needs to stay that way.  But Apple themselves don't really have anything invested in Squares systems either - other options...
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