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I quote John Gruber (rather John quoting an Apple rep):Apple is not suing Google - they never have. Read the OP - this is a civil suit involving a Safari user who is suing Google. Apple is not involved.
Yea, I don't see how sandboxing is going to stop piracy....
Why? The Airport and the Apple TV are in no way similar devices and don't even perform similar functions.
Really? I can cite several formats that are unique to Apple and are in no way open source whatsoever. Namely all of their iWork formats, their database programs (Bento and Filemaker). The list goes on. Apple may use lots of stuff that is open source, but lots and lots of things are closed source and propriety.
True. I imagine that most people probably did a small amount of grumbling and then just said "well I guess I better not upgrade quite yet". Most people I am willing to bet were not going to throw the baby out with the bathwater so to speak unless they were already looking for a reason to explore other platforms already.
I can provide lots of cites that back up the notion that the pyramids were not built by slaves. The history you cite is simply wrong. How about this cite from a very reputable archeologist. Here is another cite with lots of cites backing him up:And this guy too... I can go on and on here.
No they didn't.
Yes, but that doesn't mean it is a good investment or anything. He could have been making a pie in the sky type of statement. One big problem is that you have to sell competing devices - something that Apple would never allow. I don't even think the FTC would allow such a thing to happen either for competition reasons.
Yes. It's very odd that AT&T would advertise all the devices it sells (outside of the iPhone of course). Nobody would do that...
The USDA doesn’t have a grading system for beef. There is no such thing as “Grade D” or “Medically indigestible” beef. It either passes or doesn’t. Dairy is graded beef is not.
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