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I doubt it. Android sells a lot simply because it is an OS available on multiple phones. You might as well compare the number of bullets fired from a sniper versus a machine gun.
Why? Apple allready has a filter for valid devices. If they believe a device is invalid they can either blacklist it or do some other identification. My guess is that they will blacklist and use legal tactics to make sure this doesn't last.
I can understand some of their frustration, while it is possible to downgrade the iOS software, none of the methods are endorsed by Apple and none of them are provided from them either. Some people might be apprehensive about doing something outside of what Apple provides thinking that it would certainly void warranties or the like. Simply put, since Apple doesn't provide a methodology anywhere, most people would be convinced that it wasn't possible.
Unfortunately without a time machine we cannot know for sure.
Wait a second - other than linking to the same article and making a one line comment on his own page (which he does as a blogger and tech reporter), what does John Gruber have to do with this article?
My guess is that the CDMA radio will be disabled via firmware.
That’s because the quote came from Simon and Schuster which is not Apple and simply makes the habit of equating the Kindle with “ebook” reader.
Yes. There already is a pre-order.
My comment was kinda sarcastic. Even if Apple knew about the event, it had nothing to do with their decision making as I pointed out - they are not even related.
Indeed. The only really relevant headline would be something like “two major tech companies to host keynotes at the same time!”. The reality is, they have nothing to do with each other, they involve different products, they are at different locations. If anything, the fact that they are at the same day and time is purely coincidental. In fact given that tech keynotes are typically held on Tuesdays at the same time, the chances of any two companies coinciding their...
New Posts  All Forums: