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Where is Apple making any threats??? They are simply entering into negotiations with another party. That is how things happen in business. Nobody is threatening anybody here.
CorrectAt&t does not allow for the ability to have tethering with an unlimited data plan period. You have to either have the 2 or 4 gig data plan before they will sell you a tethering plan.
ETA: Apparently I was wrong... Must be hardware limitations of the Wireless chipset of the 3Gs. It has to be something since you can tether via bluetooth and USB with the 3GS.
Yes, but that violates your legally binding contract with AT&T - something I will not endorse at all.
Yes you will need a tethering plan from your carrier - AT&T does not let you have a tethering plan with unlimited data.
And Apple was a far different company last time. Things at Apple are very different this time around. Heck, the technology industry was night and day different back then - any comparisons to the 90's is just futile back then. One big difference for example was the massive infighting at Apple and the fact that Jobs was ousted by the board. That alone is enough to discount any comparisons. Things are day and night different from last time.
What do you mean? Apple gets sued multiple times per year. The number of losses that they get are minimal.
Support != upgrades though. Support on discontinued products tends to be limited to repairs - not R&D to redesign things from the ground up which is what you are talking about. And that applies for different hardware revisions regardless of capability.
iTunes? Last I checked, that has been multi-platform for several years now - about 6 version numbers ago...
Maybe, but they would also have to deal with the consequences with having such control. Not to mention the fact that Adobe is heavily invested in the Windows business.I just don't see it happening. The companies aren't that compatible culture wise and the legal hassles wouldn't be worth it. Adobe has no intentions on dropping Apple so there is no reason to buy Adobe unless they wanted to make an overtly anti-competitive move. If Adobe is still going to develop for the...
New Posts  All Forums: