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For the most part, I agree. The largest Acquisition that I can recall Apple making was back in 97 or so was Apple buying Next for half a billion. The idea that Apple would spend multiple times that amount today is quite curious. It's possible, but highly improbable.
I don't even think he said that it was going to be the next day - if memory serves he said in the coming days. Doesn't change much, standards bodies can be real slow.
My guess is that Java would probably violate the developer terms for the store.
Why do you think that Apple would compromise such users that they currently have by crippling their most powerful product? Especially with such a low market share to boot>. Do you think that Apple is just going to say to established customers that have been buying their products that they are no longer needed?
That alone should debunk the whole "the mac store is going to be the only option to install software someday" conspiracy theories. Apple knows darn well that there is no way all apps can install and operate in that way and no way they should. Any application that has any sort of work-flow design that involves separate programs (like Adobe products, Microsoft products and even Apples own Final Cut Software) would not work that way. There is no way that Apple would be so...
Given that Apple has never done any serial number verification for iWork in the past, I can guarantee you that people have been pirating iWork with great ease - they distribute (or provide a link to the demo) and give you a serial number. This happens hours after it's release. Every single time.
Except in this case is just not practical to do that - Jobs knows damn well that every single app can run in the way that the App Store requires - abandoning such apps would be the equivalent business move of shooting yourself in the foot with a cannon - something that no CEO is that dumb to do. And lets not point out that Steve is not all powerful - he is still answerable to the board - if he tries and do anything that will compromise their sales he will be out in a...
Yes, I believe he qualified that remark was in his opinion.
Nobody has to use the store. Jobs made it very clear that the App Store will be an option. Not the option.
I think it's more targeted at the SuperDrive accessory myself.
New Posts  All Forums: