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And really the only thing that they could bring to the game is a good deal with the payment gateway companies they might have by the number of transactions they do on a daily basis.  Otherwise I fail to see what they could bring by doing business with people in the fashion that Square does.  Apple is in a completley different  business model than square - they don't need to buy them when they have their own CC processing systems that works quite well for what they need...
Unless you possess a crystal ball you can't say that at all.  They might become Microsoft.  They might also not.
I think he's being sarcastic hence the "oh way" part.
Well it is true - Adobe, for all of their faults, has a lock in with Photoshop since there is nothing that can stand up to it feature to feature with the kind of industry following that Photoshop has.  Nothing in the same league, not Gimp, not Pixemator - it is the industry standard for a reason - it does a darn good job at what it does and nothing out there can knock it off it's throne.
Woz has stated multiple times that he doesn't have any sort of employment relationship with Apple and hasn't for awhile.  He may have been a token employee at one point, but he doesn't have one thing to do with the company on any meaningful level as an employee.   And he is quite openly critical of Apple in many ways as well.  The guy is pretty unbiased and is in no way a fanboy.   ETA:  For clarity, he has said that he is only an employee in the Database, he isn't...
And Apple could have developed the idea for the patent before Google did.  The only difference here is two small things and neither mean much:   1) These are two different implementations of a similar concept.  Totally legit and nothing unusual.  2) Google is the only one to bring it to market.  Too bad that doesn't mean much due to the above point and that doesn't factor into patent validity these days anyhow.     Just because Apple patents something doesn't say much of...
  Nope.  This has nothing to do with the BBC America which is a separate division of the BBC.  iPlayer has never been available to the US and that isn't going to change with this announcement.  None of the US broadcasters are going to be impacted by this whatsoever.  
Whoops, I was late on that one....    
  You do not possess any more ownership of music if you buy it on a CD vs Digitally legally speaking.  
  Apple probably can't do this though since they don't own the music they sell.  They are a reseller of licenses. What Apple is allowed to do with music is based on their agreements with the actual owners of the content.  
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