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Nobody has to use the store. Jobs made it very clear that the App Store will be an option. Not the option.
I think it's more targeted at the SuperDrive accessory myself.
Not going to happen until Intel incorporates them into their boards - Apple isn't going to drop FW anytime soon and not going to incorporate USB 3 until Intel does next year.iTunes uses SyncServices. SyncServices is it's own platform on OSX.Apple stopped developing it awhile back
More on this rumor from TUAW:I concur - how does an unknown author have such exclusive access to software no one else has (which would be coved under an NDA)?
And you assume that it will go away. There is absolutely no evidence whatsoever to suggest that this is even remotely the case. Seriously, you are going way overboard on an amazon placeholder that is in no way indicative of anything authoritative.
You would use any of the third party DVD applications like Toast that do a better job than iDVD - assuming that Disc Burning is not migrated into iMovie or iPhoto. Heck, we son;t know if this rumor has any basis here. Amazon placeholders are not reliable sources whatsoever - and this is a verbatim placeholder from several months ago from a french website. Remember that new version of Aperture called Aperture X that was on Amazon that was not called that?
I argue that Quicktime X is a totally different app given: 1) it has not been ported over to windows 2) They still distribute the older version and they actually updated it slightly. Quicktime 7 is not and, I argue, far from dead.
64 bit apps tend to be universal - they would have to be for iLife since most of the macs boot into 32-bit.I am pretty sure that is already possible anyway - I thought that iPhoto has some DVD creation built in. I would have to check to make sure. If it wasn't already they would just add it in.
And exactly how are they supposed to do this when they still employ optical drives in nearly every product they sell and still distribute most of their software not included with the OS on optical media?
But you still can - There are several third party apps that allow for DVD creation and they typically do alot better job of it than iDVD. iDVD hasn't been upgraded in forever - just because Apple doesn't want to spend money developing doesn't mean anything - as long as Apple computers are going to contain optical drives (which they still do), there is going to be a market for DVD making software. This rumor just indicates that the market is not compelling enough anymore...
New Posts  All Forums: