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You still can - iDVD does not do any DVD playback - that is a completely different application.
True, But Apple sued Psystar only after about a year or so - This patent dates to over 12 years ago - that's a long time to prove damages here.
None of Google’s other Apps have ads in them, they don’t need them in their apps - they have them on their websites anyway. Besides, Google is going to avoid dealing with Apple if they can get away with it - they make money by people using the internet - you don’t need the app store for that. Google profits already due to the app store.
Seriously? Get real, they have never been charged, heck the FCC was only investigating and they haven’t done anything in the last year. Apple did nothing wrong - they are under no obligation to do business with anybody. If nothing has been done in the last year, nothing is going to happen now.
I believe Google would probably have to re-submitted it since it has been so long. I don’t think google is that interested in an app anyway since they have the mobile optimized website.
That is the exact purpose of the comment - it was correcting the post about her biology - it was not a comment about women in general. Just so it comes from the horses mouth - the OP said that Carol was a he when in fact the CEO of Yahoo is a woman. That is all. Snuff out those torches and lower the pitchforks. Nothing to see here.
She, Carol is a woman. And judging on how Yahoo is doing as a company, I am not very inclined to accept what she is saying. Maybe she is right, but there is just as much of a chance that she is wrong. People have made tons of declarations about Apple before - many of them them have been shown to be incorrect.
The denial amounts to a debunking - it's an authoritative source that said the story was false.
It’s not the same thing though - Apple is not censoring - they are moderating based on a set agreed upon set of rules between owner and member.
Apple is up front about the rules concerning their forums - that they are a technical support forum. Apple deleted off topic discussions that violated their rules as they have done for years. CR does not do this on their YouTube channel.
New Posts  All Forums: