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It's kinda a necessity unless you want the IRS to catch wind that you are trying to rip them off. Al Capone committed tons of crimes that were horribly violent - all of which the police never went after (for various reasons like corruption). What did he get convicted of? Tax evasion - he couldn't hide his ill gotten profits since he couldn't legally report them - of course he didn't file at all...
Indeed.Ok, you win best joke in this thread.
No, that is not quite right - Using the Exchange functionality (Corporate email) of Outlook requires Exchange 2007 or above (No such thing as Exchange 2008, you must be thinking of Server 2008 very different). You can still use Outlook with IMAP or POP3 irreguardless. If you can install and run office 2011, you can run Outlook.
No, Android is given away to whomever wants it. Strictly speaking, Android is a loss leader for Google to support their other ventures.
Except the comparisons between Windows and Smart Phones is apples and oranges. Just because you can ship billions of one product doesn't mean that you can repeat that process with a different product - especially when that particular product was doing terribly in the first place.
Seem to have and have are two very different things. If I walk out of a bank with tons of money that I did not walk in with, you can say that it seems like I robbed the place when in fact I did no such thing. Creating a rip-off is not in of itself illegal - only a court of law can determine that and no court has done so.
Unless you can back that up with actual facts - it should be pretty easy to do. Companies rarely steal code and get away with it - it's really easy to find out. The best example was when Microsoft Media Player was caught having Apple's quicktime code verbatum in there. Apple called MS on it heavily in court and used that as a wedge to get MS to commit to office development. Insider knowledge is completely different from intellectual property by the way. And that has...
The agreements to use Airplay technology are probably done by license. Apple still owns intellectual property rights to Airplay no matter who owns the other company. Should one of these speaker companies be bought out, Apple can just tweak Airplay after terminating the license agreement. At no point could Google use any of AppleĀ’s code unless they really wanted to get sued and loose. When you acquire a company you get their IP, not the IP of their partners.
They are pushing it no more than any other of their phones in my book. One thing you have to remember is that AT&T never advertised the iPhone - Apple always did. AT&T is kinda in a bind since they really don't have many high end phones to advertise from Google (most of them are exclusive to Verizon) so their biggest sellers that they can advertise is Blackberry - a phone that they are pretty used to advertising. I don't think they are pushing very hard - I have maybe...
Apple typically gets a cut of in-app purchases and there is also iAd that you are forgetting about - Apple gets a cut of that too.
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