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OK, but then why haven't they made other apps (like grapher or chess) Cocoa. Not to mention that Cocoa-ising iTunes is going to be problematic for Windows users. Sorry, I don't see that idea as evidence especially since it has been rumored for awhile and never delivered for several update cycles. Not that I don't want to see it myself, but nothing I have read suggests that Apple is even doing this.
Just out of curiosity but why would you expect that to happen?
Ownership works no matter what though - I like the idea of playing my content no matter if I can't afford to pay the rates a company charges or if they suddenly decide not to keep their servers active. Subscription services require DRM - something that I do not like.
So? Office exists on the web as a standalone product from it's desktop equivalent and yet it shares its name. Lots of other products do this.Not really. iStore has nothing to associate it with Apple - tons of products out there, not all of them having anything to do with Apple - some of them predating Apple's iProducts - at all.Apple tried to do the "we own everything with the letter i in front of it years ago and they stopped doing it. Apple only has a few select...
Why replace an known brand name (iTunes) with one that is unknown and has no presence in the Apple consciousness? iTunes is well known and practically ubiquitous and one of the most valuable name that Apple owns. You might as well ask if Microsoft ever plans to change the name "Outlook" to "Microsoft Mail" (which they also own I believe)
The DVR business is not really profitable as Steve Jobs said - The cost of getting it from your cable provider is too cheap. Look at Tivo and see how they are doing in this business - not very well. The cost of the hardware compared from a cable company lease (which Apple is unlikely to get) is drastic. And the cable cos are not very open to competing on a level playing field with anybody else.
That is the problem with offering TV shows through netflix - Its nice if you are watching a TV series from last season and you are catching up, but it is kinda silly to expect people to wait 6 months (or whatever the turnaround) to watch the episode of Lost (yes I know it is over but that's all I can think of) that everyone is talking about in the office. Hulu makes you wait an extra day, but that is much better than waiting for the season to end. Of course the two...
Apple did that (the cloning era of the mid 90's) and it turned out that it was literally bankrupting the company - the situation is not comparable. The music industry is a different business and it's literally apples to oranges.
No, but they have released a greatest hits album, and their albums all have separate tracks (namely their CD's).
No, that is called consumer choice. I don't care about the artists integrity at times - I'm the one enjoying it. If it was important to the artists, they should never have sold the content in that fashion. I find it perfectly acceptable to take things out of context - people have been doing it to classical music for years.
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