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From what I have read, not all of them are liquid metal - some of them are normal.
No they aren’t. They have never denied the existence of other competitors out there. Apple is like any other business, they offer a service that you are free to accept or not.
My theory: Accessibility and so that you can adjust it without unlocking the device and firing the screen.
Or worse having a program like camera plus operate in situations where you *don't* want pictures taken at the wrong time.They actually submitted it twice and were rejected twice - they believed that it would work twice. Whoever thought it was a good idea to do this is stupid. And the idea that taptaptap can just stonewall everyone and not comment on this (camera plus is constantly crashing on me right now) is just really disappointing.
No, there was a rule about this sort of thing and Apple has a big warning about such easier Eggs. Unless Apple wants to send messages that their rules don't mean anything, they have to apply them.
Exactly. Why would Apple want to constrain supplies when demand is already way up - all that does after awhile is convince people to go with an alternative (read android) device since consumers are only willing to wait for so long. Apple knows this - there are too many willing competitors to fill a product void. Restricting supply is only effective when you don't have to worry about competition,
No that was not the target of that update - that is still be addressed by another update.
It's the entire OS - that's how Apple has always distributes iPhone OS updates.
You do know that Tim Cook came from IBM right?
Except that had nothing to do with a civil lawsuit.
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