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What lawsuit - Apple has not sued Gizmodo at all and have not announced any intention to.
What amazes me is the fact that you are so willing to dismiss your critics as much as you percive that we are dismissing you by using the tired old canard of "kool-aid drinkers". I find it quite insulting to do that. If you have an issue with what somebody says, address it directly and factually or ignore them. Simply insulting people dismissively is not going to increase your credibility whatsoever.
No, creating derivative works (which is what hackintoshing is) is still not allowed and has nothing to do with this case.
I would say that AP is a reliable enough source...ETA: Apple Link. http://www.apple.com/pr/library/2010...statement.html
Unless they make a specific advertising claim, you cannot sue them. Patents just cover processes, not physical shipped products. Of course if you are joking, carry on then!
Wasn’t IOS 4.0 for the Touch free long after previous upgrades (like 3.0) were paid? I thought that was one of the things that benefited from the new accounting rules was that Apple no longer had to account things on monthly payment regarding upgrades or whatever.
It’s a good thing Apple never said those words then.
Thanks. Now KNEEL Before me!
As it stands though, just stating something on the internet is practically useless. If it had any meaning I could demand you bow to me since I am the king of Siam. Of course none of that matters without something to back it up. Making assertions on the internet is useless when you can make up whatever you want.
Not quite:MS at best owns 50 percent of MSNBC.com. They are partners with NBC.
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