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  Apple probably can't do this though since they don't own the music they sell.  They are a reseller of licenses. What Apple is allowed to do with music is based on their agreements with the actual owners of the content.  
  It's the SMS specification.  Something that Apple has no control over.     EDIT:  And it does affect other phones.  From MacWorld   So it isn't something that is specific to the iPhone but rather to the nature of SMS itself.  SMS is prone to spoofing.    
  Since Google owns Motorola I doubt that they are going anywhere anytime soon.  
Or they own the content outright.  Comcast owns NBC for example.       Except you still have to deal with people who cannot get cable or do not want it (satellite users, FiOS) and people in other countries. There just isn't any standards   There is going to be a cost no matter what.  Even Tivo costs money month to month.   ETA:  As pointed out above Cable DVR's are heavally subsidized.  You might not mind the upfront costs but tons of people do care which is...
It was purportedly being renovated at the time - what are they going to do in a residential neighborhood without disturbing the neighbors as it is?
A few things should be pointed out.  My reading of the news sites makes me think that this was a crime of opportunity more than anything.  Reportedly the criminal didn't know the owner and it isn't clear that the owners (Lorianne and her family) were living in the house since it has been undergoing renovations.  My theory is that the thief saw a house that had lots of construction going on and figured that the owners might not be home all the time.  
That's not how a jury system works,  Juries are only supposed to consider relevant evidence based on how it is presented at trial.  And you cannot claim bias without proof.  It isn't bias if one side continuously creates situations that cause it to have rulings set against it.  If there is proof of bias, that is up to an appellate judge to decide that.  Not us.
It it's anything standards essential Apple would get licenses when they get the boards and Samsung couldn't go after that - and that assumes that the patents haven't expired or anything. 
Over what?  The only thing they could sue over would be the Apple TV interface which Apple probably has patents over. 
The key of course to the article is "the right price".  The thing of course about the TV market is that every other manufacturer has already worked out the scale economies and already has the price as low as they can get.  I just don't see Apple as getting any more of an advantage out there considering that it won't be bottom of the barrel pricing.  It can't be
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