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Agreed.  You might as well say that it is news that Neilsen reports that machine guns wielded by the average troop can shoot way more bullets than a single shot rifle wielded by a specialist.  Of course Android sells tons of devices - their business model is totally different to Apple and is akin to Windows which MS continuously sells more licenses than Apple does.     It says nothing about quality of devices, just raw numbers which is not an accurate thing to go off of.
Especially when their page on the feature clearly says that it requires either an internal or external mic
That about sums it up.  Of course what they totally ignore is the fact that just because you are an employee that doesn’t equate you to being an invested owner of said company.  That pretty much never happens in any organization no matter how successful that company is.  You want to make money based on the value of the company you can invest in it. That’s the away things work.
Playsforsure predates the zune by a year or so.  It was designed as a unified DRM for other players (a DRM platform).  I don’t think that the Zune even supported Playsforsure.
That is true, Skype uses it’s own systems and services on their own servers to handle the voice calls and videos (it has to for billing purposes).  Facetime is integrating directly with the phone dialer more directly.
What are you smoking?  All the phones and iPads actively being sold by Apple are getting the newest OS - that is not what people’s complaints about fragmentation regarding Andrioid are when only 7 percent of devices sold are running the latest OS.
  FaceTime and Skype aren't exactly the same in terms of it's technical functions - to some degree Factime is part of the cellular voice system (it does video over voice) - skype is just pure data through and through - they even have their own account system for voice phone calls to the telephony network (in fact their entire network is private) - something that Apple lacks since it uses the carrier network - that's why its availability is limited.
According to Apple he is right - their website explicitly says that the iPhone 4 running iOS6 will not run facetime over cellular.    
Wasn't the 4S released about 9 months ago back in October last year?  I recall it being about the 14th or so of October for the first release.    Which to be honest, is how we should be judging the age of any product that Apple releases.  You buy a 3gs today it is not 1 day old - the phone itself is a 3 year old device.
That's not going to work for companies that have branding that is strongly tied to the Internet.  Lots of companies buy up multiple TLD names because they want to protect their brand name - something they have the right to do from counterfeiters or people who wish to use their name for harm.  Since anybody anywhere can register a domain name, its often impractical to do anything except take a preventative measure. 
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