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I think it’s more of a play on a generic joke about 2 walk into a bar.  It’s one of the oldest in the books.
Motorola is not owned by Google - Motorola Mobility (a division of Motorola) is owned by Google.
Tallest Skill is yanking people’s chain here.  He’s being sarcastic with his response.
  No, read the article - if you added ever to the question it would do the web search. They changed the back end to respond with the witty answer regardless of adding "ever" to the end or not.  It mattered before.
    I got the email in the OP about getting your apps signed, I should point out that I just have the free account and don't have any any access to pre-release software.  Of course it is possible that they are sending this out to all developers paid or otherwise but it only applies to paid members. 
      He was most likely referring to users running non signed apps under gatekeeper after an upgrade (pre-gatekeeper).  My understanding is that everything you have before gets grandfathered in.
    Why?  Every single version of iLife has always been a paid upgrade for users.  The initial version you get comes included with the hardware, but upgrades to the software, like the OS pretty much have always been paid.
    My understanding is that a summary judgement happens during a trial after evidence is presented and testimony is given.  That hasn’t happened yet.  A dismissal can happen for the same reason - the layer argues with the judge that the claims do not match up with direct evidence and that the other side knows better and should be dismissed outright.  However this happens generally before the trial happens.  I don’t think you can get a summary judgment at the point of the...
    That is possible, but I think it was a short term legal strategy for this case more than anything - just because the case wasn’t dismissed outright doesn’t mean that Apple still cannot bring it up later as a defense - judges allow for that all the time.  In reality, the whole thing was more Apple objecting to the complaint more than anything since it was described as bait and switch.  Apple basically tried for a quick dismissal saying “no it wasn’t and cite their...
    Apple hasn’t really lost anything here - the case hasn’t even really begun.  Having a motion denied means jack as far as the whole trial is concerned and has no bearing on the merits of the case as a whole.  As the OP points out:       Motion hearings are one of those routine things that you file no matter what even if the lawyer filing them knows that they are likely to be denied.  It helps establish a defense later on.       Again:  there was no “loss” since...
New Posts  All Forums: