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Of course they do. In my IT dept we all have laptops. We do need to log into other workstations or laptops at times.Other limitations include not being able to install any software that's not an app. Also mobile browsers can be incompatible with some web portal based applications.
Once again you prove nothing more than your own idiocy. Of course through the years here we've seen that over and over with your telling us how iPhones should never get bigger and that iPad would never come as a mini etc.
Yes in a business setting people almost always have individual accounts to log onto a computer. That's vital to security and accountability.
Ah yes the hallmark of the limited. Don't respond just try to send those who might have a different opinion away. I've been using Apple for over 30 years and am well entitled to express my opinion of their products. If you can't give an intelligent response don't bother.
So with a keyboard added on there should be no reason to have a Mac then. It would be the same as a laptop. I think not. There are many limitations to iOS from file handling to lack multiple of multiple accounts
I meant in appearance. Obviously there are major differences in the systems.
Agreed, however it seems like the iPad Pro will have the same limitations as the iPad as far as computing goes. The surface pro is a real computer and functions as such
Please provide a link to an Apple made keyboard case prior to the Surface being released.It's just ironic that this iPad Pro takes so many cues from the Surface and looked a lot like it too especially after Apple has justifiably gone after others who make products that look like Apple's
Come on same style keyboard cover, same style connector as the Surface. If anyone else was doing this to an Apple product, can anyone say Samsung, everyone would be screaming bloody murder here.
So Apple basically copied the Surface Pro 3 with a keyboard cover and stylus.
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